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"Come on, Beverly Hills is going to be great! We've got the weather, we've got the palm trees, and the.. more palm trees."

-Harry Wilson


The Wilson Family were a very close and loving family who relocate from Kansas, to Beverly Hills. However, when the stress of a new city, raising two teenagers, the discovery of his illegitimate son, and marriage issues, arise, Harry decides to leave his family for good, leaving Debbie and her children by themselves.

Before 90210[]

Harry moved to Kansas where he married fashion-photographer, Debbie. In 1992, The two had a daughter, Annie Wilson and, when she was 8, Harry and Debbie adopted Dixon.

Season 1[]

The Wilson family relocate to Beverly Hills when Harry takes a job as the principal of Annie and Dixon's new high school, West Beverly High. Harry convinces the family that they'll love Beverly Hills and they move into his alcoholic/actress Mother's (Tabitha) mansion.

Annie and Dixon are shown to be very close and look out for each other during and after school hours but start to struggle with fitting in with the right crowd. Dixon and Annie get into some trouble on their first week and Harry struggles to act as Principal, as it means turning against his children.

Harry then bumps into his former high-school girlfriend, Tracy Clark, who fell pregnant during their senior year. Tracy reveals that it was medically too late to have the baby "Taken care of" and that their unidentified son (Later revealed to be Mark Holland) still exists and was put up for adoption after birth.