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What's Past Is Prologue is the 15th episode of Season 2 on CW teen soap 90210.


LESBIAN ADE – Gia (Rumer Willis) encourages Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) to audition for a new band and admits she has a crush on Adrianna. Dixon's (Tristan Wilds) birthmother, Dana (guest star April Parker Jones, "Jericho") drops by for a surprise visit and tries to develop a relationship with her son. Silver (Jessica Stroup) and Teddy (Trevor Donovan) go on their first official date but Silver finds it difficult to deal with Teddy's playboy past and enlists Naomi's (AnnaLynne McCord) help to track his whereabouts.

Navid (Michael Steger) returns from his suspension to find that Naomi has started a gossip segment during Blaze News, which he adamantly opposes. Navid decides to get back into he dating scene by asking Lila (guest star Amber Wallace, "The Vampire Diaries") out on a date, his first since breaking up with Adrianna. Annie (Shenae Grimes) realizes that Jasper (Zach Sherman) has started following her around town. Debbie (Lori Loughlin) confides in Kai (guest star Greg Vaughan, "General Hospital"), her yoga instructor, about the arrival of Dixon's birthmother. Rob Estes also stars.



Jasper passes by Annie as she goes out for a run at night. At home, Dixon tells Dana, his birth mom, that he is glad that she is there. Dana explains that after she got the email, she wanted to meet the family in person. After Annie arrives, she says she met her already. Dixon admits they went to Phoenix last year during Spring Break instead of going to their grandmas, but he couldn't get out of the car to meet her. Harry asks Dana to stay at the home for the night.

At a restaurant, Teddy asks Silver what kind of vegetarian she is. A group of girl giggle as they pass by Teddy. Later, Teddy gets a call from a girl named Amy. The waitress, Chloe, recognizes Teddy and tells him long time no see.

During dinner, Dana asks the family to say a prayer. Dixon says a few words and recalls when he was a kid. Dana asks why they moved to Beverly Hills. Deb explains Harry used to live there. Annie says Dixon had no problem adjusting to the life since he joined the surf team.

At his house, Navid tells Lila that Harry is forcing him to make a PSA with an anti-drug message. Lila says that


she had to include Naomi's segment in the program. They watch as Naomi gossips about the the class. Lila tells Navid that the segment is about seven minutes.

Silver asks Naomi for advice with Teddy. Naomi announces that Teddy is a player. Silver figures she has to get comfortable with Teddy's past of hooking with multiple girls. Naomi suggests she check up on Teddy by looking at his phone and email.

While Annie takes out the trash, she feels that she is being watched. Nearby, Jasper plays with a zippo lighter in his car.


Dixon tells Annie that he just had the worst dinner ever since Dana tried to change the subject every time he tried to reconnect. Annie suggests he spend some alone time with his mom. While they put away dishes, Deb wonders if Dana was judging them for not saying grace daily. Harry says they have to make sure Dixon knows that they are comfortable with Dana in their lives.

The next day, the boys go out for a morning surf session. Dixon realizes that his car is gone.

Gia drives Adrianna in her VW van where she sings Dolly Parton's Jolene. Adrianna admits that she almost got


Navid expelled. After Gia promises not to tell her secret, Adrianna explains how Navid bought some cocaine, planted it in Jasper's locker, but it was put into his own when he was busted. Adrianna says Navid was doing it for her. She says she can't get over Navid. Gia says she will meet someone else just like she did.

At school, Dixon says he can't believe his car was stolen. Navid returns to school and says he is glad to be back. Navid says he wants to bring Jasper down since he got Adrianna back on drugs. Dixon figures that Navid still has feelings towards Adrianna. Navid insists he is over her and says when his cousin came over, he noticed that she became womanly, which makes the boys uncomfortable before Dixon teases him.


Teddy tells Silver that he wants to copy her school work since they are partners. He leaves his laptop and says he will be right back. While he is away, an IM from a girl named Amy asks Teddy to see her. Silver sees that Teddy made plans to meet Amy at the coffee shop.

In the journalism club, Navid and Lila edit Naomi's segment to make her talk about politics. Navid asks Lila if she wants to go out to dinner with him and she nervously agrees.

Gia shows Adrianna an audition flyer that she found. She reads that a band called the Glorious Steinems are looking for a new lead vocalist. She suggests she try out, but Adrianna says it is not for her.

After Yoga class, Kai brings Deb coconut water. After he notices that she is upset, she explains how Dana came


into their life. Kai has Deb open up and admit she feels threatened.Silver tells Naomi about how Amy programmed Teddy's phone with the ring tone of I Want Your Sex. Silver says she can't confront Teddy since he will know that she read his email. Naomi suggests they send someone Teddy doesn't know to the coffee shop and see if they show up. Naomi and Silver ask Gia to do them a favor. Gia goes to the coffee shop and waits for Teddy to show up. Gia texts Silver and says Teddy is a no show, but


Teddy arrives and gives Amy a hug. Amy says she was worried that he would stand her up, but he says he was looking for a parking spot. Gia listens to Amy while she invites him to her house while her parents are away. Teddy says he is dating someone, but Amy says she won't tell. Teddy says he wants to give the monogamy thing a try since he likes Silver. Teddy admits he made a mistake by meeting her. Before he leaves, Amy tells him that he is not a monogamous person.

Lila meets with Navid for dinner at the beach club. Navid starts the date by fidgeting at the table. They connect by talking about all of the events their parents forced them to attend. Navid realizes that Lila was the person he danced with when he first learned the fox trot. Lila says technically this is not their first date.

Dixon takes Dana to a sports bar where they watch the basketball game. Dixon is surprised to learn that Dana is


into sports and even bets on the games. Dixon asks if she wants to get to know him and admits the dinner the other night was awkward. Dana says he brought up the past that brought up painful memories. She says she felt embarrassed in front of Deb and Harry. She wonders if they think of her as a bad mom, but Dixon insists that they feel grateful to give them him.

While hanging out, Lila asks Navid if he asked her out to get over Adrianna. He admits he did, but says he is still with her because he likes her. He grabs her hand, asks for another chance and a kiss. Gia and Adrianna walk across the beach and find Navid kissing Lila. She says she has to find a way to get over Navid. Gia suggests she audition for the band.

Adrianna goes to the audition and sings Jolene which impresses Gia. Before they leave, the band tells her that she is in.


Silver, Naomi and Annie hang out at the cafe eating cupcakes. Silver says she feels bad that she didn't trust Teddy. Annie says sometimes they mess up, but they need to move on. Annie sees that Jasper is reading a book next to their table and suggests they leave.

At home, Deb says she is worried about Dixon and wants to send him a text. She realizes she should give him some space. Harry gets a call and learns that Dixon's car was found downtown completely stripped. Dana and Dixon return home in a good mood. Dana asks Dixon to see him to his room. After Harry tells Deb she had nothing to worry about, she says her feelings are valid.

In his room, Dixon goes online and registers for an online gambling site account.

Adrianna arrives at band practice where a band member named Liv teases her for not bringing a tambourine. Lila arrives and introduced to Adrianna as their bass player. Navid tells Dixon and Liam he had a hot date last night, but they are not impressed. He admits that he went out with Lila and it was cool. Navid says he is over his Jasper vendetta. Dixon teases Navid by asking him if his cousin is hotter than Lila.

Adrianna tells Gia she is considering quitting the band since she keeps on thinking about Navid. Gia says she is sick of hearing about Navid. Gia confesses that she likes her.


Silver admits to Teddy that she read his email from Amy. After Teddy insists that nothing happened, Silver says she had a friend spy on him. Silver says she feels insecure with all of the girls coming up to him. Silver says she now


knows she can trust him, but Teddy says he is not sure if he can trust her. Teddy asks for some space. Jasper asks Annie if she needs a ride. Annie orders him to stop stalking her. Jasper says he got rid of the evidence that linked her to his uncle's death. Annie realizes that Jasper was the one who stole the car and stripped it. Jasper says he is looking out for her.


Rob Estes as Harry Wilson
Shenae Grimes as Annie Wilson
Tristan Wilds as Dixon Wilson
AnnaLynne McCord as Naomi Clark
Ryan Eggold as Ryan Matthews
Jessica Stroup as Erin Silver
Michael Steger as Navid Shirazi
Jessica Lowndes as Adrianna Tate-Duncan
Matt Lanter as Liam Court
Lori Loughlin as Debbie Wilson

Recurring cast

Trevor Donovan as Teddy Montgomery
Rumer Willis as Gia Mannetti
Zachary Ray Sherman as Jasper Herman
Amber Wallace as Lila

Guest starring

April Parker-Jones as Dana Bowen
Greg Vaughan as Kai
Stephanie Nicole Lemelin as Amy
Alex McKenna as Cat
Emmanuelle Yang as Hannah


Liam – You know, I still don't get how being suspended from school is a punishment. It sounds more like a vacation
Navid – Have you ever faced disappointed Persian parents? My own mother said that I urinated on the legacy of my ancestors
Dixon – Harsh
Teddy – And very specific


Opening Tagline: Ryan

  • "What’s past is prologue" is a quotation by William Shakespeare from his play The Tempest.


  • City Walk by Marvin Gordy and Thomas Brissette
  • Counting Back to 1 by Beautiful Small Machines Go Down
  • Together by Film School Go On
  • Say It by Blind Pilot Jolene by Dolly Parton
  • Mad for You (aka This Thing Between Us) by Dan and Leland
  • School Days by The Runaways
  • Soundtrack to You by Antonia
  • Temper Temper by Adrian Hall