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Victor Luna is a reccurring character on CW teen soap 90210. He is portrayed by Nestor Serrano.


Victor is Javier's uncle who knows that Adrianna Tate-Duncan stole Javier's song after his untimely death and passes it off as her own after listening to her sing one of "her" songs at Javier's funeral, you see him later play one of Javier's demos which included the song and was recorded the song 6 months prior. He uses this information to blackmail her into making him her manager with him 50% of her profits going to him. His abrasiveness with Adrianna quickly draws the ire of Navid Shirazi and Erin Silver when he boots them off the set of a photo shoot when Adrianna refuses to go topless.

At one point, however, Adrianna realizes that Victor needs her more than she needs him and drops his percentage of profits down to five. Victor continues as her manager, but as Adrianna's fame goes to her head (she becomes a cliche diva), she begins to treat Victor horribly including stating she's cutting his percentage again (so he'd get 2.5%) when he tries to advise her that she should take cheaper accommodation than the 20 grand a month house she was agreeing to before even stepping inside cause a lot cause change in the music industry in 6 months.  

He tries to apologize to her after by giving her a cashmere blanket and champayne, making a joke about being a "wet blanket" and she rudely refuses them and slams the door in his face.  As a result, Victor decides he's done and exposes her secret to the press 'cause he "has to make money somehow" since she cut his commission and to kill her career.  However during an interview on a morning show he doesn't divulge that he knew and insisted he thought Adrianna was channeling his nephew at his funeral and then approached him asking to be her manager.