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The Vicious Circle is the name of a former online video blog made by Erin Silver. The blog tells rude and mean rumours about her peers and former friends and was a way for Silver to let go of her anger. Despite the harsh comments she made on it, she had over 500,000 hits. The vlog was eventually dropped after Silver finally realises the consequences of her actions and uses her inspiration for journalism to join The Blaze.

Alternate Reality[]

In We're Not Not in Kansas Anymore, it is revealed that had Annie not moved to Kansas, The Vicious Circle would have eventually become Silver's career as a vicious blogger. She is known for threatening to expose Teddy and Adrianna. When she hears a better source of gossip, however, she releases it, labeling her as "The meanest blogger in the world" who is set to become a TV star and yet, never have any friends.

Known Victims[]

Annie Wilson[]

(We're Not in Kansas Anymore)[]

Silver felt betrayed when Annie befriended Naomi, causing Silver to unintentionally hurt Annie's feelings.

Naomi Clark /Ethan Ward[]

(The Jet Set)[]

Silver was one of the few people who were aware Ethan was cheating on Naomi. By Monday, Silver made a blog about it which she thought was her "Best ever yet", leading to the whole school finding out and Naomi slapping his face.

Navid (Possibly)[]

(Model Behavior)[]

Silver threatens to write about Navid after he complains he's the third wheel around her and Dixon. He begs her not to do it but she runs off excitedly. It is not known if she actually posted anything as the story line was dropped.

Ryan Matthews[]

(Secrets and Lies)[]

Silver wrote a blog accusing her teacher to be a pedophile after Ryan was caught making out with student (Who was really an undercover cop), Kimberly MacIntyre. Ryan then transferred Silver into another English class.

Custodian guy[]

(Hello, Goodbye, Amen)[]

Silver wrote about the Custodian guy with the lazy eye for apparently checking out Silver's ass. Although she considered that maybe he was just tired.


(Hello, Goodbye, Amen)[]

Silver showed Dixon her latest blog: "Shake and shimmying it up". Although the blog was about all the cheerleaders, only Christina's name was mentioned.