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There is nothing about you that’s bad. You’re not selfish or a liar or a cheater. That is not who you are. Trust me. You’re amazing. I love you even more now that I know who you really are. From now on, no matter what you decide, no matter what you do, you’re not in this alone.
—Silver to Teddy[src]

Silver & Teddy is a relationship on 90210, portrayed by Jessica Stroup and Trevor Donovan.


Teddy and Silver get paired together on a class project, but Silver doesn’t want his help. She says she doesn’t like him because he screwed over her friend, Adriana, by ruining her relationship. The next day in class, the projects are due, but Silver forgot to do it. Teddy covers for her, taking the blame and getting a lower grade himself. Silver still doesn’t like him, and says “she never asked him to do that.” The next day Teddy is at a party, and he overhears Silver’s friends, Naomi and Adriana talking about her, and how they’re concerned about her. Naomi reveals to Teddy that Silver’s mom has cancer, and she’s been spending a lot of time taking care of her, which is why she’s been so stressed and overwhelmed lately. Teddy finds Silver, and tells her he can help, because his mom died from a sickness when he was younger also, and he can relate with her. They go to a rooftop that night where they hit tennis balls off the roof and Silver laughs and seems relaxed and happy for the first time in a while. They bond and form a close friendship. Soon it’s Silver’s half birthday, which she always celebrates in place of her real birthday. She tells Teddy she has too much on her plate this year, and is going to skip it. The next day she gets home and her mom has transformed the house into a spaceship, 80s arcade, and camping area, all birthday parties Silver wanted to have as a kid, but couldn’t because her mom was too drunk. Her mom says she wants to make up for all the times she’s missed, and she also says that Teddy is the one who set all this up. Silver and her mom go to sleep in the camping tent, but when Silver wakes up she discovers her mom is not breathing. She takes her mom to the hospital, but unfortunately her mom is not strong enough to fight for too long, and she dies a few hours after, saying a tearful goodbye to both Silver and her sister Kelly. It’s the day of her mom’s funeral, and Teddy sends her flowers with a note, apologizing that he couldn’t make it. Silver finds him on the roof that night, and he says he’s sorry that he wasn’t there for her, but Silver tells him he was there for her, and he still is, and it’s true, he has helped her so much during this hard time, more than anyone, and his friendship has made her really happy. She pulls him in for a hug, and when they break apart they both lean in and kiss each other.

Silver pulls back from the kiss, and says she they were both feeling vulnerable and it didn’t mean anything. Teddy agrees, but when Silver walks away he looks at her with an unreadable expression. The next few episodes, Teddy’s friend Dixon jokes he’s lucky that he’s a player and can’t commit to one girl, because relationships are “nothing but trouble.” Teddy agrees, but catches himself staring at Silver longingly several times when she’s not looking, and he realizes that he likes her. At school, there is a winter wonderland dance, and Teddy asks Silver to be his date. Silver rejects him, saying that “he is a player.” Teddy asks his friends what to do, and they tell him to prove that he’s only serious about her, so she knows she’s not a player anymore. Dixon seems jealous when Teddy mention he likes Silver, because Dixon used to date Silver. Teddy asks Silver out in front of everybody, saying that she’s the only girl he’s liked this much and that he won’t let her down, but she gets upset and rejects him, storming off. At the dance, Teddy finds Silver and asks her to dance “as friends” to which she accepts. After a while that they’re dancing Teddy kisses her and Silver gets upset. He tells her that if she felt nothing during that kiss then he will leave her alone and stop trying. Silver rants to her friend Naomi about what he did but admits that she did feel something during that kiss. Naomi tells her that despite Teddy’s past he seems to really care about her, and she should give him a chance. Silver finds him at the bar and goes to talk to him, but a girl walks up and hugs him, and she gets upset and walks away. “This is my sister.” Teddy reveals to Dixon. Later that night, Dixon finds Silver sitting alone, and she tells him that she liked Teddy and was going to tell him that they should give it a try, but she saw him hugging a girl, and that he’s a player. Instead of telling her it was a misunderstanding and that girl was really his sister, Dixon agrees with Silver, and he tells her he doesn’t know why “he ever let her go” and he kisses her. Teddy sees this, and walks off sad. They all go off on spring break, and they all have different expectations when they return. Teddy tells Dixon he saw them kiss, and is upset because Dixon knew he liked Silver. Dixon tells Teddy that him and Silver are getting back together. When Dixon sees Silver he expects that she’ll want to get back together with him, but Silver tells Dixon she realized they’re better as friends, and she likes Teddy and is going to tell him. She seems him in the hallway and tries to tell him, but Teddy doesn’t hear her and cuts her off, saying she was right all along and he is a player, and he kisses a girl in front of Silver. Silver is really torn up about this, but Teddy’s sister comes up to her and reveals the truth. Teddy finds Silver and asks her out again, but Silver rejects him, saying he moved on too fast and she can’t trust him. Naomi again gives advice to Silver and gives him another chance and they end up dating. But at their dates, girls start showing up which made Silver annoyed but when they studied together and he went to the bathroom and he got a message from a girl saying to meet him at a cafe she got suspicious and decides to spy on him when she asks a friend to spy she find him breaking up with that girl. She comes clean which caused a fight then she asked him for another chance and he forgives her but on their date another girl asks to go out with them. Silver said she's busy which means that Teddy and the girl would go out and Silver though he was just testing her.

She tells him that she was annoyed that he went out with the girl by which he replies that he loves her too much that he would be a fool if he ever lost her which made their relationship even better. Teddy decides to show Silver to his father so Silver went up to him and he had no idea that Teddy had a girlfriend that made Silver upset but he made it up to her, then Teddy's dad comes over to Silver and tells her to pay her to break up with him because she's in the middle of the way. She rejects the offer but ends up breaking up with him. But they get back together. In Season 3 she breaks up with him because he drinks and lies about it which brings back memories of her mother Jackie. She does seem like she is interested in him again but after he makes a homophobic comment towards Ian she decides she never wants a relationship with him ever again. After Ian tells her that Teddy apologised for making that homophobic comment and thats not the type of guy he is, she decides to forgive him and kisses him wanting to get back together, Teddy admits they can't as he is gay.


Silver: "I choose you. Will you have a baby with me, Teddy? The more I thought about it, the more I realized I shouldn't be picking between Navid and Liam. It's much a different choice. You and I have been through so much together. And we have always been so close. I want the father of my baby to be someone who I know will always be in my life."
Teddy: "That's me."
Silver: "That's you."
-- Til Death Do Us Part