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Taylor Williams is a minor character in Season 5 of 90210. He is portrayed by Wes Brown.


Taylor is a hot club promoter, who is irresistible to women and uses his charm, determination and wit to get what he wants, just like Gosling’s playboy character in Crazy, Stupid, Love. Taylor is very focused on his career and has a great eye for new talent when it comes to music.

Season 5[]

Taylor is first seen in Las Vegas, where he meets Adrianna Tate-Duncan and hits on her. Upset with Dixon Wilson over the end of their relationship, she lets him take her to his room and has sex with him. He later shows up in Beverly Hills looking for Adrianna and comes into contact with Navid Shirazi after Liam Court's bar burns down. He begins promoting The Offshore and continues to make his presence felt in Adrianna's life, despite her telling him she is with Dixon Wilson.


He and Adrianna have a brief affair, but he gives up on her when she remains with Dixon.