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Sydney Price is a minor character on Season 5 of 90210.


Sydney is married woman with whom Liam Court has an affair. She is also Campbell Price's ex-stepmother.

Series Arc[]

Price becomes an investor in Liam's surf company. She and Liam hook up. Afterwards, she tells him that she's married. Liam eventually decides that he doesn't care about her being married.[1] Later, Liam has an encounter with Sydney and her husband at a party, and he realizes her husband is an older man with cancer. Sydney's stepson, Campbell, tells Liam that Sydney using him to get Campbell in trouble so she can get his inheritance. [2]

Later in the season, Sydney returns to come see Liam. She tells him that she is leaving her husband and no longer cares about taking his money. She's looking for a fresh start in Australia, but wants a second chance with Liam.[3] Liam and Sydney pack up and buy plane tickets to move to Australia. Liam is trying to sell the bar to make money for the move. After finding out that Liam lied to Annie about getting old Salty's signature for the bar, Sydney figures out that Liam is still in love with Annie. She tells him to read the end of Annie's book and give it another try.[4] Sydney leaves for Australia to start over with her life,


  • Melissa Ordway was also in Melrose Place (2009), the fifth series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity, but portrayed a different character, Morgan McKellan.

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