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He's just really intense. He either loves people or hates people. And when he hates people... oh boy.
—Adrianna to Silver about Spence

Spence Montgomery is a guest character on Season 2 of CW teen soap 90210. He is portrayed by Ryan O`Neal.


Teddy's father and a famous actor, who was keen on his son to excel in professional tennis. When he is introduced to Teddy's girlfriend Silver, he tell him to break up with her and concentrate and excel in professional tennis. When Teddy refuses to break up with Silver, he bribes Silver to break up with Teddy, she refuses, and they stay together.


When Teddy was practicing tennis he was spoted by Silver, she goes up to introduce herself, but he didn't even know Teddy had a girlfriend. In 'Meet the Parent Teddy takes Silver to meet his father, Spence, who is cooking on the grill, learns that Silver is a vegetarian and throws a gardenburger on the same grill that was used for meat. Silver says she isn't into tennis, but is into journalism. Spence says he never met a journalist he liked. Teddy sits with Silver in the living room while they wait for Spence. A young woman named Heidi gives Spence a kiss. Spence says he met Heidi during a movie in which his entourage state was a great film. Silver disagrees and says the movie was a waste of his talent. Spence tells Silver he doesn't think she is wrong.

Later that day Spence tells Teddy that Silver is a cool girl. tells Teddy that he is his favorite son. He suggests he take tennis more seriously and decide if he wants to turn pro. After Teddy says he is serious, Spence tells him to end the distractions and break up with Silver.The next day, Silver asks Teddy out to a movie, but he says he has to put his tennis career in focus.

In Javianna Spence visits Silver and tells her that Teddy has been playing tennis most of his life. He warns her she may be the person who may ruin his chances of turning pro. He asks her how much money she is willing to take to walk away from Teddy, but she asks him to leave. Before he goes, he tells her not to get in the way of Teddy's dream if she loves him.

Season 4[]

In the season premiere Teddy comes out of the closet to his father by voicemail, it was later revealed that Spence never returns his son's call.