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Season 2
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TV's Sexiest Show Returns!


September 8, 2009- May 18, 2010


To New Beginnings!



The second season of 90210 premiered on September 8, 2009 and ended on May 18, 2010. The season picks up at end of summer after the events of last season's dramatic prom party. Rob Estes, Shenae Grimes, Tristan Wilds, AnnaLynne McCord, Ryan Eggold, Jessica Stroup, Michael Steger, Jessica Lowndes and Lori Loughlin return as series regulars from season one, while Dustin Milligan was released from his contract for creative reasons.

New executive producer Rebecca Sinclair said she felt the show needed a complete overhaul. She hired new writing staff and had new sets built. She was also quoted as saying, "If Gossip Girl is about youth in New York, I want to make 90210 about youth in LA and Beverly Hills." Sinclair also revealed that she wanted to rely less on cast members from the original Beverly Hills, 90210. Though Jennie Garth and Ann Gillespie did return for a limited time.


The second season focuses on the West Beverly Hills High group as they begin their junior year and go through dramatic changes and surprises that will change their lives.

It's revealed that over the summer, Ethan had up and left California to live with his dad in Montana.

Annie Wilson must deal with the consequences from the hit-and-run when she discovers the man's nephew lives in West Beverly, as well as the ramifications of being the narc at Naomi's party and having a falling out with her parents. All of her difficulties would eventually culminate in a manic downward spiral that will force her to confront a new world.

On the outs with her sister, and trying to move on from SIlver, Dixon Wilson finds a new, but older girlfriend.

Jen Clark continues to manipulate Naomi and use her for whatever she can; She starts a relationship with Ryan that ends with an unexpected surprise.

Liam returns to West Beverly after a summer at military school and devises a plan to get rid of his stepfather from his life for good, as well as a way to reclaim Naomi.;

After learning she doesn't have enough credits to get into CU, Naomi joins the Newspaper club with Silver as an extra curricular, but finds herself in a difficult situation with the new teacher, Mr. Cannon

Silver and Kelly Taylor must come to terms with devastating news;

Adrianna begins a journey of independent, personal growth as she deals with her emotions of giving up her baby on Prom Night.

Two new students, Teddy Montgomery, a tennis player and the son of a big Hollywood Movie director, and Ivy Sullivan, Surfer, and a daughter of a popular record label enrolls into the school.

Debbie and Harry Marriage problems worsen.


List of 90210 Cast and Characters

Main Cast[]


Guest Star[]

  • April Parker Jones as Dana Bowen
  • Julianna Guill as Savannah Montgomery
  • Scott Patterson as Finn Court
  • Travis Van Winkle as Jamie
  • Jonathon Trent as Richard Carte
  • Greg Vaughan as Kai
  • Mandy Musgrave as Alexa
  • Osa Wallander as Sarah Herman
  • Salvator Xuereb as Matey Herman
  • Shane Lynch as Liv
  • Alex McKenna as Cat
  • Emmanuelle Yang as Hannah
  • Claire Byrne as Mrs. Cannon
  • Diana Gettingeras as Ramona
  • William Abadie as Olivier Le Sage
  • Samantha Ronson as Herself
  • Elisabeth Rohm as Bitsy Epstein
  • Steven Brand as Jason Epstein

Special Guest Star[]


List of 90210 Episodes

Season No. Title
1 To New Beginnings!
2 To Sext or Not to Sext
3 Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat
4 The Porn King
5 Environmental Hazards
6 Wild Alaskan Salmon
7 Unmasked
8 Women's Intuition
9 A Trip to the Moon
10 To Thine Own Self Be True
11 And Away They Go!
12 Winter Wonderland
13 Rats and Heroes
14 Girl Fight!
15 What's Past Is Prologue
16 Clark Raving Mad
17 Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees
18 Another, Another Chance
19 Multiple Choices
20 Meet the Parent
21 Javianna
22 Confessions