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Sasha is a recurring character on 90210. She is portrayed by Mekia Cox.


She first meets Dixon Wilson, whom she had a relationship with, in a pizza place. She is a lot older than him and he pretends that he is a famous and rich person in the music business. One day Sasha goes over to return something to Dixon and sees him hugging his mother, Debbie Wilson. She believes Debbie is having an affair with Dixon. They meet at a spa and she finds out that Dixon is in high school and Debbie is his mother. They break up and he returns Navid Shirazi's car, which he borrowed to make his story believable. Dixon pleads with Sasha to take him back and soon they start dating again. They soon they break up once again, due to Sasha's controlling nature. Sasha soon comes back and tells him she is pregnant, which is a lie. Debbie spots this immediately and talks to Sasha. Not wanting Dixon to think she was crazy, she called him before Debbie could tell him and tells him that she had a miscarriage, which Debbie plays along with and lets Dixon believe, trying to protect him.

Dixon and Ivy Sullivan have a relationship. Ivy is a virgin as revealed by Oscar. She is ready to have sex with Dixon until Sasha comes back and tells him she is HIV positive so he can check himself out. Luckily Dixon is HIV free and Sasha is never seen again.[1]

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