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Rachel Gray is a recurring character on 90210, portrayed by Michelle Hurd.


Rachel is the mother of Holly Strickler. She is first seen at a fashion show put on by Naomi Clark put on for Janice Dickinson. After the disastrous show, which bombed, Rachel approached Naomi and told her she would be great at event planning. She then gives her an internship over Holly.

Rachel continues to belittle Holly at every opportunity because she thinks of her as lazy and unmotivated. Eventually, however, Naomi takes it upon herself to try and reunite Rachel and Holly through the Mitchell Nash party. However, things go awry and Rachel ends up firing Naomi.

Rachel later runs into Naomi again at the wedding rehearsal of Max Miller and Madison Stewart, offering her a job in New York. Naomi turns it down and gets back together with Max.

Rachel runs into her a few months later, checking out what Naomi's doing and stating that the person who took the job is doing great.