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Nika Raygani
Nika Raygani.jpg

Name and Birth:

Nika Raygani (1992/1993)


Navid Shirazi (Ex-Boyfriend)

Portrayed By:

Noureen DeWulf

First Episode:

Help Me, Rhonda

Last Episode:

Of Heartbreaks and Hotels

Nika Raygani, portrayed by Noureen DeWulf, is a recurring character seen on 90210, the fourth series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity.


Season 1

She met Navid Shirazi during Christina Worthy's party and the two start talking. The next day at school, Adrianna Tate-Duncan finds Navid and Nika kissing. Navid and Nika walk to class. Someone stops Navid and asks about Adrianna's baby. Navid says he doesn't know who the father is and goes on to say how he really dodged a bullet. Adrianna overhears Navid and calls him out. She was last seen with Navid at the Valentine's Dance.