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Naomi & Liam is a relationship on 90210, portrayed by AnnaLynne McCord and Matt Lanter.


Naomi meets Liam while at the bar of the hotel she currently resides due to her father moving in with his mistress, and her mother leaving Beverly Hills. Liam is working as a bartender, and the both of them assume that the other is an adult. Naomi decides to send champagne to his address, and is surprised when Liam walks into her home room the next morning. Liam reveals that his mother didn't know he was a bartender, thanking the champagne. Initially, Liam keeps Naomi at a distance while she playfully chases after him. They do have sex in the woods, and Naomi ultimately finds that Liam is playing games with her, while he ditches plans he makes to spend time with her, and hits on Annie Wilson. Eventually, Liam does decide to open up to her, admitting that he does have feelings for her when the two of them are at prom.

A series of unfortunate circumstances ultimately leads to Naomi's evil sister Jen manipulating Liam into sleeping with her. Naomi walks in on Liam having clearly just had sex and then she finds Annie's sweater from earlier on that night in the bedroom causing her to think that it was Annie who Liam had sex with, which then causes them to end their relationship. The pair ultimately find their way back to each other however, when the truth about Jen is revealed in the second season. However the both of them struggle to find common ground and a relationship that is not rooted in the purely physical. They break-up once again when Naomi lies about being sexually harassed by the new faculty advisor, Mr. Cannon. Liam takes her back upon Annie's insistence however, only to break-up with her once more when she is in the midst of attempting to take down Jen, ignoring her boyfriend's problems in the process.