Marissa Harris-Young is a recurring character on 90210, portrayed by Brandy Norwood.


Marissa is introduced as a Democratic woman running for a congressional seat against the uncle of Teddy Montgomery, Charles Sanderson. She employs Shane and sends him to hire Silver to shoot her campaign video.

She encourages Silver to follow her dreams. Silver later edits a video depicting a young woman who claims that Marissa helped her when she was homeless and got her a home and a job. She later finds out this woman is an actress and confronts Marissa about it. Marissa claims they hired an actress because the real woman she helped was camera-shy. Silver then walks out on her, stating she needs truth in her life. She continues to work for her, however.

After Silver accidentally sends a wedding video of Teddy and Shane in Vegas to Marissa, Marissa uses it as a political maneuver in order to further herself in the election, which resulted in her winning the election.

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