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Lindsey Beckwith is a minor character in Season 5 of 90210, portrayed by Peyton List.


Lindsey is an attorney and business law teacher that Liam Court goes to see as recommended by Annie Wilson after Vanessa Shaw goes missing to see if he can void his contract with Vanessa. Lindsey states that the contract is bad, but it is legal and he either has to work out the terms or "hope she gets hit by a bus". Liam later enrolls in her class, but she gives him an 'F' on his first paper, citing that he didn't research it enough. Liam is telling her how serious he is about school when Carrie Anne Monroe shows up with the paparazzi to interrupt their conversation. Lindsey quietly walks away to avoid the circus.

Liam redoes the paper and hands it in again, only to have Lindsey tear it up when she sees him on the cover of a magazine as having been lost in the woods. She tells Liam he's failing. Liam drops her class, but hires her as his lawyer to help with The Offshore's legal issues, though she doesn't want to be his lawyer and is assigned by her boss to handle his account. Liam gives her a hard time, but their mutual hatred soon turns to lust as they have sex while someone records them. Navid Shirazi confiscates the video. Lindsey wants Liam to keep their relationship a secret since California University doesn't look kindly on teacher-student relationships. She secretly goes to a convention in a mask to see Liam at Phenomi-Con, where she reveals she has a geek side to her as she looks at comic books and sci-fi movies. However, Navid plays the sex video for the whole convention, which was broadcast over the internet. Lindsey gets upset and leaves. She later breaks up with Liam and leaves C.U.