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Lila is a minor character on 90210, portrayed by Amber Wallace.


Lila is a star reporter for The Blaze and dates Navid Shirazi.


She is introduced by Navid to the gang while talking about Jasper story for the blaze and he explains that she is a school newspaper reporter. She says her story has hit a dead end. Navid says after he gets proof, Jasper won't know what hit him. At Navid house, he tells Lila that Harry is forcing him to make a PSA with an anti-drug message. Lila says that she had to include Naomi's segment in the program. They watch as Naomi gossips about the the class. Lila tells Navid that the segment is about seven minutes. The next day in the journalism club, Navid and Lila edit Naomi's segment to make her talk about politics. Navid asks Lila if she wants to go out to dinner with him and she nervously agrees.

Lila meets with Navid for dinner at the beach club. Navid starts the date by fidgeting at the table. They connect by talking about all of the events their parents forced them to attend. Navid realizes that Lila was the person he danced with when he first learned the fox trot. Lila says technically this is not their first date.While hanging out, Lila asks Navid if he asked her out to get over Adrianna. He admits he did, but says he is still with her because he likes her. He grabs her hand, asks for another chance and a kiss. Later Adrianna arrives at band practice where Lila arrives and introduced to Adrianna as their bass player.

Navid asks Gia about her relationship with Adrianna in which Lila overhears. After Gia leaves, Navid explains to Lila that he was just curious about their relationship, but she is unsure.Then Lila tells Navid that she thinks Adrianna screwed them after she quit the band. Lila discovers that Navid already knew and figures his loyalty lies with his ex. Lila gets upset and leaves. That night Navid sets up a second cotillion for Lila. He admits he messed up with Adrianna and asks her to give him another chance. They enjoy themselves as they dance.

At school Lila tells Navid that they should do a piece about Adrianna and Javier. She says she is more secure since she has been spending more time with him. At the beach club, Navid tells Lila that he realizes that he still feel something towards Adrianna. He suggests they break up and apologizes. In Blue Naomi Adrianna arrives to school and claims that she knows who Navid is cheating with. She points and looks beyond Silver at Lila. Silver tries to talk her down, since she has no proof, but Ade pushes on.