Laura Mathison is a minor character in Season 3 of 90210, portrayed by Amelia Rose Blaire.

Character[edit | edit source]

Laura was first seen purchasing a date with Liam Court at a bachelor's auction. After the initial date, Laura refuses to give up pursuing Liam, which he tolerates because he realizes it is making Annie jealous. Later, when Liam is stuck working at a clothing store without a shirt, Laura goes out of her way to get her mother to hire him as an assistant at their home, giving him a place to stay besides his car. Once Liam moves in, Laura is constantly trying to seduce him, without success. She later makes Liam earn some money by carrying handbags, which she was selling at three-hundred dollars a pop. However, Liam later learns that she is not selling purses, but the cocaine she is smuggling inside the purses. Laura confesses that she was only trying to be more edgy in order to get the attention of her ex-boyfriend, Dax. Liam kisses Laura to make Dax jealous. Later, however, Dax and a friend jump Liam in a parking lot.

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