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Jordan Welland is a recurring character in Season 5 of 90210, portrayed by Robbie Jones.


Jordan is introduced as a potential client for Naomi Clark. He owns a media company and graduated from Harvard briefly considering a career as a war photographer. He meets with her at the restaurant of Mark Holland, where Jordan hires Mark to cater a party and Naomi to plan the party. Naomi is smitten with him immediately. As it turns out, the party Jordan has hired Naomi to plan involves Annie Wilson's tell-all pseudo-fictional book, sponsored by Amanda Barnard. At the party, Naomi mistakes his sister Elizabeth for the mysterious Author X and causes an embarrassing scene for everyone. He later forgives her and they become romantically involved.

Jordan and Naomi have constant interference from Jordan's mother, Cheryl Harwood, during their stormy relationship, with Naomi constantly having to prove herself worthy of Jordan, despite Jordan wanting her regardless. After an incident involving Naomi, Prince Harry, and Elizabeth, Cheryl makes Jordan give up his business and come work for her. However, after the Nagato family thanks Naomi for straightening out their son, Cheryl is forced to let Jordan and Naomi see each other, as well as let Jordan have his company back. Jordan ends the series watching from his jet as Liam Court and Annie Wilson get engaged.