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Jeremy Templeton is a recurring character on 90210, portrayed by Matt Cohen.


Jeremy is the grandson of Marla Templeton.

Season 4[]

Annie heads to register for classes on her first day and meets a Jeremy and invites him to Naomi’s bash. In Rush Hour , Annie runs into Jeremy and drinks coffee with him but Jeremy doesn't have money and she ends up treating him. To be part of a sorority, Annie’s last trial involves kissing Jeremy. Jeremy pays Annie her money back for coffee. Annie mentions she’ll be getting some new money, an inheritance from a woman named Marla. They kiss and Annie is officially in the sorority.

The next day, as Annie meets with her lawyer, Jeremy is there. It turns out he’s Marla’s grandson and doesn’t want Annie to get any money from the inheritance since he blames Annie for Marla’s death. Annie meets up with Jeremy at the gym.. Annie tells him she wants half of the inheritance that Marla left her or she’ll fight with him in court for years. He says he’ll think about it. To get the money, Jeremy buys the necklace Annie sold.

Annie casually drives by Jeremy’s pad to investigate, getting Marla’s necklace back from him. She overhears his super telling him to leave his key under his doormat. Her confrontation with Jeremy doesn’t go well and she storms off. Annie makes use of the ‘hidden’ key to break into Jeremy’s place and find the necklace. Jeremy is waiting for her and her only defense is that the necklace belongs to her. While in the house, Annie records their conversation with her phone and e-mails it to her lawyer, which proves Jeremy hated his grandma.