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Jeffrey Sarkossian is a recurring character on 90210, portrayed by John Schneider.


Jeffrey is Liam’s step-dad, a plastic surgeon by profession, and doesn’t share very good vibes with Liam.

Season 2[]

He is seen having breakfast with Liam and Collen at The Beverly Hills Beach Club. After Liam punched Jen Clark`s door, his mother covers up the incident from Jeffrey. At school, Ryan Matthews confiscates Liam´s phone before informing Liam that his parents asked him to call them if he gave him any problems. Jeffrey comes to school and tells Colleen that he was only going to give Liam one more chance. Jeffrey announces that Liam is a bad seed. Ryan arrives, overhears Jeffery, and tells him that Liam is doing a great job and he should be proud of him.

In Clark Raving Mad, Liam sees Jeffrey kissing a woman who is not Colleen. Jeffrey comes back home and Liam punches him, revealing his stepfather as a cheater. Colleen realizes that he is telling the truth. Colleen and Jeffrey had a conversation and decided to work it out. Liam finds Jeffrey in the garage, who says he is going to make the building into a gym. He tells him that when his mom goes to Europe, he will start his renovations. He explains they will be alone for a week while she is gone. In the season finale Liam confess to Jeffrey that he stole his coins making Jeffrey kick Liam out of the house.