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Javier Luna is a minor character on 90210, portrayed by Diego Boneta.


He was a popular bilingual singer that goes on tour with Adrianna Tate-Duncan. They start dating, even though Adrianna still has feelings for her ex, Navid. Javier dies in a car accident.


Season 2

After Javier meets Adrianna when Laurel set them up for a duet, they start feeling a connection that leads to dating, however, Navid was not over Adrianna and tries to win her back. This makes Adrianna and Javier break up, and then Navid and Adrianna get back together. But in the season finale, Javier proposes Adrianna to go on tour with him.

Season 3

In the season 3 premiere he tells her that her career is dead. In the same scene a car crashes into their limo killing him instantly. Adrianna is given a book of songs Javier wrote, and performs them as her own. Later on she is found out, which ends her singing career.

Through the season Javier's death has an impact on Adrianna'a life after she stole a book with lyrics for his next album. At his memorial Javier's uncle notices that Adrianna's song is like one of Javier's demo and starts blackmailing her, she was exposed and was known as the girl who stole the songs from a dead singer.

In the third season finale, Javier's spirit appears to Adrianna. He ghoulishly confronts her and tells her that her lies will be exposed and that her friends will turn against her. This later proves to be true when at Ivy's bachelorette party the pills Adrianna stole fall out of her purse. She attempts to reconcile with her friends the following day but to no avail. As she watches them celebrate Ivy and Raj's marriage from atop a cliff Javier's spirit appears to her again. Instead of talking her down, he encourages her to jump off the cliff and kill herself saying it's the only way to fix what she did. However, she ultimately chooses to be a better person and seek her friend's forgiveness.