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Ivy Sullivan
Ivy Sullivan.jpg

Name and Birth:

Ivy Sullivan (1992/1993)




Laurel Cooper (Mother)
Mr. Sullivan (Father)


Liam Court (Fling)
Dixon Wilson (Ex-Boyfriend)
Oscar (Fling)
Raj Kher (Ex-Husband)
Nick (Ex-Boyfriend)
Diego Flores (Boyfriend)

Portrayed By:

Gillian Zinser

First Episode:


Last Episode:

Forever Hold Your Peace

Ivy Sullivan, portrayed by Gillian Zinser, is a main character in the fourth series of the 90210 franchise

Character Overview

Ivy is a blonde tom-boy surfer chick, student at West Beverly Hills High and lives in a huge house at Topanga Canyon. She is very sensitive and hates being underestimated.


Season 2

When she first met Liam Court, the two got in a fight when they have a car accident. They later reconcile at a Halloween party and start to be friends. She starts to develop feelings for the bad boy, but she is desperate when he only sees a good friend in her and tries to catch his attention. Teddy Montgomery sees that she has a crush on Liam but will not admit it. After a party, in Liam's basement, the two kiss and start a discreet love story and Ivy helps him overcome his nemesis, Jen Clark. Liam eventually asks her to a dance, but it soon becomes apparent that he has his eyes set on fellow student Naomi Clark. Ivy then decides it is best for her and Liam to merely be friends, assisting him in his pursuit of Naomi by texting her to go and see Liam and she is devastated after losing the man she loved. Later, Naomi and Ivy try to form a friendly relationship of their own which proves difficult when they don't share the same interests at all. The two girls get into a fight on the beach and start to hate each other. After losing Liam for good, Ivy is comforted by her mum Laurel Cooper, a music producer. Later, she starts fake dating with Dixon Wilson, as the two feel left out, they kiss to prove to Naomi that they really are dating. Dixon develops some feelings for Ivy but she wants to break up as she thinks she still has a chance with Liam. Later, Liam tells her that he and she will never be together and then later in the episode, Ivy decides to give Dixon a shot and go on a real date with him. With Dixon's gambling issues, their first date is catastrophic and Ivy begins to ask herself if Dixon is really the guy for her. Their relationship recovers when Dixon is invited to Australia in the episode before the season finale.

Season 3

After Dixon left Australia, Ivy spends the summer with her mother and she returns with her childhood friend Oscar, who Dixon becomes immediately jealous of. After the earthquake, Ivy's excited about the possible state of the waves and leaves Dixon and Oscar to the beach where Ivy notices Dixon's jealousy and leaves with Oscar thinking that he is overreacting. Ivy prepares a welcome party and has a dream where she makes out with Oscar making her confused. In "Age of Inheritance", Ivy is avoiding Oscar, so he prepares a plan to set up Dixon with some girls at a bar and the pictures are sent to Ivy who gets angry with Dixon and leaves.

Ivy reveals to Dixon that she is still a virgin and is ashamed of it but Dixon is cool with it and later, Ivy tells Dixon that she is ready to have sex with him until his ex-girlfriend Sasha shows up and makes Ivy feel insecure because she is an older woman but Dixon tells her that she is from his past and doesn't mean anything. Ivy later goes to talk to her mum, who supports her and tells her to have safe sex. At the bachelor auction, Sasha appears again and makes an effort to buy Dixon, but Ivy wins him and invites Dixon to her house to spend the night together, but Dixon never shows up. The next day, Ivy is worried because Dixon is avoiding her calls. When Oscar tells her about Dixon and Sasha, she confronts him. Dixon tells her that he is still in love with Sasha and breaks up with Ivy, which leads her straight into the arms of Oscar.

Dixon apologises to Ivy and explains what really happened. He tells her that he was trying to protect her and wants to get back together but Ivy doesn't tell him about what happened with Oscar. While Ivy is talking to her mother, Oscar talks to them both and tells Lauren that he slept with Ivy and tells Ivy that he slept with her mother during the summer. This results in a fight with her mother and Ivy leaves crying. Ivy attends "The Undies" with Dixon where she confesses to losing her virginity to Oscar, which makes Dixon break up with her because he couldn't forgive her. In "Mother Dearest", Ivy tries to apologise to Dixon, but he is still mad. The other boys are acting weird around her and making her feel lonely and so she starts to cry in the bathroom where Naomi finds her and offers to help, but she tells Naomi that she doesn't have girl friends because girls only want to cover up everything. Later, she sees Naomi talking to Oscar and tells her not to trust him because he is evil. Naomi helps Ivy get revenge with Oscar by getting him naked at the Beach Club and everyone starts laughing at him. This ultimately leads Naomi and Ivy into a closer relationship.

They later hang out with the rest of the girls and Naomi explains to them that Ivy is a really good friend. When Naomi gets a crush on one of Ivy's surfer friends, she wants Ivy to teach her how to surf for her surf date. Oscar knocks at her door asking for forgiveness and explains why he did what he did but Ivy doesn't want to know anything about him. Still feeling bad about her mother, Dixon decides to call her father who is happy to see her and they start meeting each other. When Laurel discovers that Ivy is hanging out with her father, she tries to convince her not to see him because he's not a good person and leaves. Her father invites her to spend Christmas with him and his family and Ivy agrees, but he starts showing his true colours. He doesn't want to pay for her college and other things he agreed on the divorce, which makes Ivy leave and broken by her father, Ivy goes back to the arms of her mother who prepares a special Christmas night. Ivy goes to surf and has a big accident where she almost dies, but Dixon saves her. The next day at surf practice, she makes up a story to the coach so she does not have to get back into the water. This forces her to find a way to get over her fear of water and she goes to Guru Sona, a friend of Naomi. Her plan to relax doesn't work and she starts smoking weed and impresses everyone with her new style of surfing. When Lauren comes back home, she finds Ivy on the couch high. Laurel tells Ivy about how she feels and Ivy goes to a specialist who sends her to get medical marijuana at the store. She meets a boy named Raj Kher and they strike up a friendship over their use of marijuana. Ivy continues her friendship with Raj and finds who she thinks is a role model and starts skipping classes, but Raj gets mad with her for it and tells her that he has leukaemia and that's way he lives the way he does. Ivy goes with the gang to Mexico on spring break to spend some time away from Raj and she gets some weed that makes her sick. Dixon helps her and she tells them about everything that happened with her and the two become friends again. When they come back Raj wants to help Ivy get over her fear of water. Ivy goes with Raj to a movie premiere of Marla Templeton with Naomi, Annie Wilson and Liam. The day of the prom Ivy goes with Raj after getting the news that he is getting worse and needs to have some more treatment. At prom, Raj starts drinking alcohol and then has a fight. When Raj behaves like an idiot, Ivy cries and tells him that she loves him very much and wants to be there for him in the good times and the bad. They decide to get married. In the season finale, Ivy tells her mother and Raj's parents about their decision and Laurel is against the decision but Ivy is still willing to do it. At graduation, Ivy tells Naomi about her wedding and Naomi offers to plan the best wedding ever, but Ivy only wants something personal. At Ivy's bachelorette party, the girls discover that Adrianna Tate-Duncan is the one who messed up with Silver's pills, which gets her kicked out of the gang. The day of the wedding, Ivy feels that something is missing in the wedding until Laurel shows up. This surprises her and she wants to support her daughter. Ivy gets excited and walks to the alter with her mother and gets married around the people who care for her.

Season 4

Ivy and Raj moved in with Naomi into her pool house at her new mansion, where they still struggle with Raj's health problems. Naomi drags Ivy into joining her sorority to help with the competition as Ivy continues to worry about Raj. Ivy decides to put on a charity talent show for Raj in order to raise money that he needs for an experimental cancer treatment. With Raj getting better the future seems bright for both of them until Raj wants to enrol in college in Baltimore but Ivy doesn't want to leave her friends and an opportunity to learn more about photography with Nick which leads to their break up. Ivy goes after Raj trying to fix things but after Raj discovers that he's dying, decides to leave Ivy and give her a better future. During the Christmas break, Ivy had sex with Nick but she only sees it as rebound sex, pushing Nick away. Later that night, she realises that she needs to move on from Raj and gives Nick another opportunity.

Nick tells Ivy he signed with an agency and is going to Afghanistan on a combat photo journalism assignment. Ivy asks Naomi to give Nick a job as a photographer at the event she's running and Nick happens to meet a documentation at the event and he gets another job. Ivy tells him not to die in a war zone, but later apologises. Ivy tells Liam and Vanessa Shaw that Nick, before he went to Afghanistan, talked to a woman named Sonia Reece about seeing her portfolio for her next art show. Ivy goes to talk to Sonia and she mentions she also dated Nick, effectively ending that conversation. She also says Ivy's photos just aren't for her. Later, Ivy talks to Sonia again and tries to get the Nick thing out of the way. Sonia says that Ivy's portfolio is all faces and she doesn't like it so that's why she doesn't want her work, not because of Nick. She then takes a second look at Ivy's portfolio. Ivy's passing out fliers for her gallery opening at Sonia's when a skateboarder hits her. Ivy asks him to come to her gallery opening, but he says no. Ivy later goes to the gallery with Annie and finds it graffitied. Sonia shows up and immediately cancels the showing. Ivy guesses that the skateboarder did it and goes to confront him. He, again, proves his name and tells her art is supposed to mean something and isn't just supposed to be pretty pictures. Ivy eventually shows her art at Annie's benefit, where someone bids $5000 for a piece just because they can and calls it a rip-off. Ivy then goes to the skateboarder's garage and spray paints one of her pieces.

Ivy goes to meet Diego Flores and brings an interesting photo with her. Diego wants Ivy to do some street art, but Ivy is apprehensive. Diego tells her she's scared and is afraid of taking risks, and then invites her to go spray paint with her crew the next night. Ivy goes to see Diego and says it's only for art, not him. They pick a side of a building to spray paint, but then spot a police car and run and hide between some trash cans. They go to see her art the next day and make out.

Ivy gets a call from Sonia saying that she knows the art on her walls was Ivy's designs and she wants to have a talk with her later. Ivy and Diego go to Sonia's gallery and Sonia tells them their graffiti is beautiful. She also tells them she wants them to do a show at her gallery or she'll tell the cops about them. Diego is still being a hipster and doesn't want to sell out his art, and Ivy gets sick of it and leaves. Ivy also wants validation of her relationship with Diego, but he doesn't want to define their relationship. After Ivy tries to salvage Annie's bag business at the festival, Diego comes by. Ivy says she overreacted and Diego says he's still trying to figure them out, he asks her to be his girlfriend and she says yes.

Ivy and Diego are sitting around talking about colleges and environmental groups when she finds divorce papers from Raj. Diego tells Ivy he found an Artist-in-Residence program downtown and says that Ivy should join it with him. Naomi tells Ivy that she should sign her divorce papers and move on with her life. Preston Hillingsbrook also asks Ivy to pick a charity for him to fund and she picks Surf for Good, which is sponsoring a beach clean-up. At the beach, Ivy talks with Annie about her reluctance to sign her divorce papers and how she's having trouble picking between the art residence thing with Diego and the Surf for Good sailing trip. Ivy later tells Diego that she filled out the Art-in-Residence program for Diego and wants to travel the world. Diego tells her he doesn't want to break-up, but he also doesn't want her to give up on her dream just for him. After the beach clean-up, Dixon tells Ivy that Raj is dying. Ivy goes to see Raj and asks him how he could like to her about his health. Raj tells her he didn't want her to see him like this and Ivy spills her guts, telling Raj he broke her heart. Ivy then asks him how he could be so selfish and cries, telling him that she's right where she wants to be. Later, Raj wants to catch up with what's been going on with Ivy, but she doesn't want to talk about it. Raj tells Ivy that some people from Hospice came by and says he doesn't want to be apart from her when he dies. Ivy then leaves to go get Raj some water but when she comes back, she finds that Raj has died. Ivy keeps telling everyone that she's fine and she just wants to get through the day. She is also sick of everyone telling her they're sorry for her loss at Raj's funeral. After the funeral, Raj's mum gives Ivy Raj's ashes, but Ivy says she can't take them and leaves. Ivy talks to Caleb Walsh on the beach and says she doesn't want to talk. She then talks about how the whole funeral wasn't Raj. Caleb suggests that's how Raj's family wanted to say goodbye and tells her about different wakes he went to. He then asks her about a beach wake and suggests they do that. After everyone goes around talking about how much Raj meant to them, Ivy says that Raj was a liar. Ivy says she's now left with the conversations they could've had and there should've been more. Ivy then breaks down into tears and the final shot of the episode is Ivy going into a violent ocean at night to go surfing.

Ivy is still having a lot of trouble with the passing of her husband. Caleb asks her how she's doing while they're at the beach and she tells him she's going to do what she wants to do. She then runs across the street in traffic. Caleb later finds Ivy at the beach while it's dark and stormy. Ivy tells him she's going to go surf and Caleb tries to stop her. Ivy tells him he has no idea what she's going through and then switches the subject to him and Annie. After that, Ivy goes surfing. Ivy is greeted at the door by a person from Social Services. The woman gives her a warrant issued by Caleb describing her as a danger to herself.

We first see Naomi, Annie and Silver coming by the hospital to visit Ivy. Annie tries to tell her that Caleb was just worried about but Ivy tells them that no one gets or understands what she's going through, and tells them to leave her alone. Later, Diego goes to visit her and tells her to co-operate so her doctors will sign her release papers, and Ivy tells him that's not going to happen. Diego then shows her a key card and tells her they're going to break out. After they cruise the boardwalk, Diego tells Ivy to express her feelings and spray paints a mural for Raj and apologises to Diego for not calling him. A cop car then shows up and Diego admits to Ivy that he's an illegal immigrant and runs away from the cops. Ivy goes looking for Diego at the skate park and comes up empty. A guy there tells her that if she really cared, she'd never see him again. Ivy tells Annie that if Caleb hadn't of called her in, Diego wouldn't be hiding from the cops right now. Later, Annie tells Ivy that she sent Diego to Naomi's boat to keep him safe. Ivy goes to see Diego and the two share an intimate time together. Later, Ivy talks to him about moving away and going with him. Diego tells her she can't, and then Ivy tells him that she loves him. Later, Ivy and Diego show up at the same church Annie and Caleb are at. Diego tells them he wants to take sanctuary in the church. While Diego's in church, a woman goes over his options with him and tells him he basically has none. One of the options is holding a rally, so Annie does that. The other option is starting a petition so the senator might be able to get him a green card. During the rally, Ivy tells Diego they couldn't get enough signatures, but it's better than nothing. Diego tells her that his case wasn't unique enough to get the senator's attention, so he's going to turn himself in. Ivy says they could get married, but he says he's not going to let her do that again. Ivy and Diego then kiss each other goodbye. After a thinking session at Max Miller's wedding, Ivy leaves to the airport to catch a one-way trip to Mexico City for find Diego.