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Hello, Goodbye, Amen is the 12th episode of Season 1 on CW teen soap 90210.


IT¨S FAMILY TIME – When Debbie (Lori Loughlin), Harry (Rob Estes), Annie (Shenae Grimes), Dixon (Tristan Wilds) and Sean (guest star Josh Henderson) spend the evening playing games, Annie overhears a phone call with Sean that raises suspicion. Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) invites Brenda (Shannen Doherty) to attend a support day at her rehab center, but the day quickly turns upside down when Adrianna learns information that will cause her life to change forever.

Brenda and Kelly (Jennie Garth) stand by Adrianna's side and Brenda reveals a secret she has been hiding from Kelly. Dixon and Christina's (guest star Lauren London) friendship continues to grow when she invites him over to her house, an invitation he hides from Silver (Jessica Stroup). Dustin Milligan, Ryan Eggold, AnnaLynne McCord, Michael Steger and Jessica Walter also star.


At school, Ethan tells Annie that he had a great time during his winter break. Naomi walks up and tells Annie that she had a good time hanging out with Sean, their half-brother. Adriana tells Annie that she has lost contact with Hank, her friend from rehab, and is worried about him. Brenda sees a doctor and gets bad news. The doctor asks Brenda if she has anyone to talk to. Brenda says that she has burned all of her bridges. Christina, the cheerleader meets Dixon at his locker and gives him a CD that her father produced. Silver shows up and says that she had a boring break. Christina leaves and Silver tells Dixon that she thinks Christina has a crush on him. Annie goes to her dad's office and meets with Sean who says that he is going surfing with her dad. Naomi arrives and says that she is going as well. Adriana goes to Kelly's office to tell her that her rehab center is going to have a support meeting and she would like Brenda to come with her. Adriana says that her mom has not been part of her life lately. Kelly says that although Brenda is usually busy, she will ask her if she is willing to attend Adriana's event.

At the Wilson house, the family plays pictionary with the boys going against the girls. Tabitha is upset that the boys are able to decipher Dixon's rudimentary drawings. Tabitha takes her turn and none of the girls can figure out what she is drawing. Sean gets a call from someone and tells the person that he will come up with the money soon. Annie hears that Sean is upset, and asks what's wrong. Later, Sean tells the family that his adopted father owed people money and killed himself. Sean says that his father wanted to cash in his life insurance policy, but it didn't cover suicide. Sean says that his father owed 200,000 dollars. Sean says that the people that his father owed are now after him, but he is not worried because he is going to Iraq soon. Tabitha tells the family that she took a beating in the stock market and has no money to give to Sean. She tells Harry and Debbie that she wants to get back into acting. Harry tells Deborah that he wants to cash in his retirement early in order to help Sean. Debbie tells Harry to talk to Sean's mother, first. Annie tells Dixon that she doesn't feel comfortable about Sean. Annie says that Sean got a local call earlier that night and thinks it is weird because Sean said that he didn't know anyone from the area. Dixon tells Annie not to worry about it. Kelly goes to Brenda's house and tells her that Adriana wants her to attend her support group. Brenda says that she can't make it. Kelly says that Adriana is in the early stage of recovery and needs her. Kelly says that Brenda is selfish then leaves.

Christina meets with Dixon at the Peach Pit and finds him working. Christina talks about music and is surprised that Dixon doesn't know who Curtis Mayfield is. Christina invites Dixon to go to a party that her dad, who is a record producer, is throwing. Debbie and Harry meet with Tracy and ask her if she can give Sean any money. Tracy says that she is having a rough time with her divorce. Tracy says that she will contact her accountant, see what she can come up with, then contact them later. Silver meets Dixon for lunch and shows him a blog article about the cheerleaders. Dixon sees that the story is making fun of Christina and gets upset. Silver asks Dixon to go out for a Tarantino film festival later.Brenda meets with Adriana and Kelly for the rehab support group. The meeting starts and Adriana thanks the people that were there for her when she was down. She tells the group that she thinks that she will be okay. Brenda stands up and says that she admires that Adriana is able to learn from her mistakes and is proud to call her a friend.

After school, Naomi shows Annie pictures of her hanging out with Sean. Annie sees that Sean looks like he is attracted to Naomi and thinks that it looks weird because he is her half brother. Annie recalls her teacher's lecture of being able to perceive things using intuition and remembers the all the times she spent with Sean. Later, Annie tells her mom that she thinks that there is something off with Sean. Deborah says that she has the same feeling. Annie says that it would break her dad's heart if Sean turns out to not to be the person who he says he is. Deborah says that it would be worse for Harry if they felt that there was something wrong with Sean then their worries turned out to be true and they didn't say anything to him beforehand. After the rehab meeting, Brenda tells Kelly that she needs her. Brenda says that she is going through some crazy stuff. Adriana introduces Kelly and Brenda to her sponsor, Amy. Adriana asks Amy where Hank is. Amy says that Hank found out that he was HIV positive then started using drugs again. Adriana tells Brenda and Kelly that she slept with Hank a few times. Brenda and Kelly tell Adriana to get tested.

Dixon ditches Silver and goes to Christina's house for her father's party. Dixon sees that the entertainment is provided by singers from Christina's father's record company. Christina introduces Dixon to her father and tells him that Dixon is into music. Dixon says that he likes to sing, but mostly in the shower. Christina's father says that he should give singing a try. Christina's dad excuses himself and says that he has to talk to Dr. Dre. Later, Dixon tells Christina that he has a girlfriend. Christina says that she has a girlfriend too, then points out a girl named Tiffany. Christina says that she invited Dixon over because she thought he was interested in music. Dixon calls Silver and she arrives later. Silver is upset that Dixon skipped out on the film festival. Silver is worried that Christina is interested in him, but Dixon says that Silver doesn't have to worry about her. Dixon says that Christina is friend and can help him connect to his black culture. Dixon says that he will break off his friendship with Christina if she wants him to. Silver says no and asks Dixon to introduce her to Denzel Washington, who is also at the party. Later, Christina's dad gives a toast and asks Dixon to sing a song. Christina's dad tells Dixon to consider himself discovered. Dixon goes up to the stage and sings Amazing Grace.

Debbie tells Harry that they should not give Sean money. Deborah says that they should not jeopardize Annie and Dixon's future for Sean. Harry says that he is willing to do anything to help Sean, but Debbie says that he is not her son and she doesn't feel the same way about him as he does. Sean comes home and Harry sees that he has been beat up. Sean tells Harry that the guys that his father owed money to found him. Sean says that he will leave the house. After Sean goes to his room, Annie gets into Sean's bag, finds his phone and sees that he has been making phone calls to the same number. Annie calls the number and discovers that it goes to a private investigator. Brenda and Kelly take Adriana to the clinic to be tested. The doctor comes back and tells Adriana that she is not infected with HIV. Adriana celebrates, but the doctor says that their tests show that she is pregnant. The doctor tells Adriana to see her gynecologist to figure out her options. Brenda thinks it is too much then leaves. Adriana says that she slept with a lot of guys while she was using drugs. She says that Navid is going to hate her if he finds out.

Harry calls Tracy and tells her to try to come up with money for Sean. Annie shows her mom Sean's phone and says that he has been calling a PI. Annie says that she is scared of Sean. Debbie tells Harry to have Sean take a paternity test. Harry says that he knows that Sean is his son, but is willing to take a test to prove it. Harry says that Deborah shocks him. Kelly meets with Brenda and says that she is upset that she left Adriana when she got the news that she was pregnant. Brenda says that she just found out that she can't have kids. Brenda says that she is jealous of Adriana because she is able to have kids even when she didn't want one. Brenda says that she is thinking of adopting and would like Kelly to be there to support her. Harry meets with Sean and tells him that he wants him to take a paternity test. Sean says that he is okay with that. Later, Sean surprises Annie in her bedroom and tells her that he is going to take a paternity test. Sean says that he is surprised that she doesn't trust him. Sean says that she doesn't appreciate the life that she is living in Beverly Hills.

The next morning, Adriana looks at herself in the mirror then calls Navid. Before he picks up, she hangs up and begins to cry. Harry finds that Sean packed up and left the house. Later, Tracy and Naomi meet with the Wilsons and Harry tells them that Sean is not his son. Harry says that he thinks that the PI was working with Sean to try to scam them. He says that he tried to call the PI and found that the number was disconnected. Naomi tells Annie that Sean came over the other night and asked for money. Naomi says that her mom called her dad, got some money, and gave it to Sean. Naomi tells Annie that she blames her. Annie meets with Harry and he tells her that he should have trusted her intuition.


Rob Estes as Harry Wilson
Shenae Grimes as Annie Wilson
Tristan Wilds as Dixon Wilson
Dustin Milligan as Ethan Ward
AnnaLynne McCord as Naomi Clark
Jessica Stroup as Erin Silver
Michael Steger as Navid Shirazi
Lori Loughlin as Debbie Wilson
Jessica Walter as Tabitha Wilson

Special Guest Stars

Jennie Garth as Kelly Taylor
Shannen Doherty as Brenda Walsh

Recurring cast

Jessica Lowndes as Adrianna Tate-Duncan
Christina Moore as Tracy Clark

Guest starring

Josh Henderson as Sean Cavanaugh
Lauren London as Christina Worthy
Charles Parnell as Franklin Whitney
Cherilyn Wilson as Morgan
Chantelle Barry as Nina
Lynn Griffith as Dr. Finch
Sashi Bommatkanty as Dr. Barol


Harry – (talking about Tracy) Thank you for not stabbing her to death with a pencil
Debbie – If you had scissors on your desk, it would be a different story
Dixon – Christina came along and she exposed me to some really amazing things. But I know you hate her
Silver – Okay, well hate is a very strong word. Loathe and detest, maybe
Dixon – Want to get some lunch?
Silver – Yes. But first I'm just finishing up a piece on my creepy custodian guy. You know, the one with the lazy eye? I'm fairly certain he was checking out my ass this morning. But then again, maybe he was just tired


Opening Tagline: Tabitha

  • It is revealed Adrianna is pregnant
  • Dixon's first performance as a singer
  • Naomi went surfing with Sean. However, in Best Lei'd Plans, she did not know how to surf. Although she might have just exaggerated to make Annie jealous.
  • This marks the last appearance of Sean


  • "Spaceman" by The Killers
  • "Jungle Drum" by Emiliana Torrini
  • "Astronaut Jebus" by JonO Brown and Jeff Kollman
  • "OK" by Holly Conlan
  • "Leave It To The Lord" by the cast
  • "This Little Light Of Mine" by the cast
  • "Oh Happy Day" by the cast
  • "Keep Your Head" by Kirk Franklin
  • "Amazing Grace" by Tristan Wilds
  • "Take The Blame" by Holly Conlan
  • "The Fear You Won't Fall" by Joshua Radin