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Harry Wilson
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Name and Birth:

Harrison "Harry" Wilson (1968)


Former Principal of West Beverly Hills High


Tabitha Wilson (Mother)
Annie Wilson (Daughter)
Dixon Wilson (Adoptive Son)
Mark Holland (Son)


Tracy Clark (Ex-Girlfriend)
Debbie Wilson (Ex-Wife)
Katy (Girlfriend)

Portrayed By:

Rob Estes

First Episode:

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Last Episode:


Harrison "Harry" Wilson, portrayed by Rob Estes, is a main character on the hit show 90210.

Character Overview

He is the son of Tabitha Wilson, ex-husband of Debbie Wilson, father to Annie and Dixon WilsonKelly Taylor's old neighbour, and a graduate of West Beverly Hills High. He decides to move back to Beverly Hills, accepting a position as the principal at his old high school. He dated Naomi Clark's mother, Tracy Clark, in high school, and also father an illegitimate son with her who was put up for adoption many years ago.


Season 1

In the season premiere Harry moves to California along with his wife Debbie, his daughter Annie and his adopted son Dixon. They arrive at "Grandma Tabitha's" house, and are greeted by her standing in the driveway with a drink. Harry notices his mother has a drink in her hand, and questions her about it, she says its iced tea, he smells it and she says "long island iced tea". Then she makes a comment about the "crap wagon" parked in her driveway.

The first day at West Beverly Harry is in his office with Kelly, Mr. Matthews, and Naomi's parents to discuss her having to do the paper that's due the following day. He says that Naomi has to have the paper done, and her father gets mad and says that he's going to bring this matter to the school board. Before Naomi's mum leaves she tells Harry that if things had gone differently, they'd be discussing their own kid, which means they used to be an item. The Wilson family is eating a dinner when Grandma gives Dixon some advice on how to win a fight, she tells them to "grab onto those jewels and twist them like a garbage bag." Harry tells his son to control his temper, and Grandma pipes in again and says that this was "racially motivated". Harry says he'll talk to the coach, and figure out what happened.

Tracy Clark shows up at the Wilson's house to reminisce about their past with Harry and his wife. After she's noticeable intoxicated after drinking a bottle of wine Harry tries to get her to leave, but not before she makes a comment, and then Harry's wife Debbie makes one back causing her to get her stuff and leave. Then Annie shows off her party dress to her parents and Harry tries to get Annie to wear a less revealing dress, and Grandma calls him "Jedidiah the Amish Farmer" then tells him to go churn some butter.

The next morning Ethan Ward goes to Harry's office and tells him and Mr. Matthews that Dixon started the fight with George Evans. Mr. Wilson knows he's lying, but accepts it because there's no proof. At home Harry and Debbie are cuddling on the couch. They're talking about how it might be unfair letting Dixon go to the party after getting into a fight, but only Annie got grounded. They decide to let Annie go, and when they go to tell her they find out from Grandma that she already left. Harry shows up at the party to look for Annie, but bumps into Naomi's mother.

Then Naomi's mother tells Harry that when he left she found out that she was pregnant with his child, and asked why he never contacted her again. He told her that her mother said she went away to Europe for the summer, and she said that she didn't. Anyway, she tells him that they had a son together, and he was floored, and walks away. Later, Harry is in bed with Debbie thinking about what Naomi's mother had told him.

Harry and Debbie talk about how he has a son out their somewhere, and he doesn't know what to do. Both of their phones ring, and they decide to talk about it later. Harry gets to school, and see's the hallway trashed by a rival lacrosse team. Harry speaks with the team, and tells them not to retaliate, and to take things out on the other team on the field. The team is not happy. Harry and Mr. Matthews confront the lacrosse team about the prank they pulled. None of the guys admit to anything, and Harry says that if nobody talks then he's going to cancel the rest of their season.

Harry goes into Dixon's room and tells him he's back on the team because his friends admitted to being part of the prank too. Dixon and Ethan will have to miss one game for their stunt. Harry admits it was wrong to ask him to give up his friends, and that he's still trying to figure out how to be a father and a principal. Harry and Debbie are in bed talking about his illegitimate kid with Naomi's mother, and says that if she and the kids are unhappy they can move back to Kansas but Debbie declines.

Harry and Debbie have planned a family bowling night at a place called Lucky Strike. Harry must confront his past when Tracy, Naomi's mum, confronts him about their illegitimate child he fathered in high school. Harry informs Annie that her drama teacher has a family emergency and has to go back to Atlanta. Grandma Tabitha says that she'll take over for the drama teacher. No one asked her, and no one is excited about the prospect of her as a drama teacher, but, Tabitha is excited.

In "Wide Awake and Dreaming" Harry, Kelly and Ryan go to check out the musical. They catch Annie and Ty Collins making out in the rafters. Totally embarrassing, the Wilson parents discuss Annie's make out session. Annie is having pre-show jitters. Harry doesn't think that they should let Annie go to the after-party. As Harry drops Annie off, he says he wants to take her and Ty out after the play. Annie isn't having any of it and Harry tells his daughter to not make a bad decision regarding sex.

In "Hollywood Forever" Tracy talks to Harry about their son, but Harry is still in a little bit of shock. Tracy has decided to hire a private investigator to find him and Harry tells Debbie about Tracy's proposal to hire the PI. He does want to find the kid and she gives him the OK. Tracy tells Harry that she has already hired the PI and this annoys Harry but he empathises with Tracy, who's had to deal with this forever. She surprise kisses him and he's taken aback but says he's going to pretend it never happened. Harry tells Debbie, while at the cemetery, that Tracy kissed him. Debbie says she misses Kansas and she's a little bit sad. Harry leaves the movie to speak with someone and it's Kim, who turns out to be an undercover cop. She's with the DEA and they're searching for a dealer and the suppliers. For homecoming Tracy meets with Ryan and Harry in his office. They tell him that Adrianna Tate-Duncan had an overdose and almost died and Ryan catches Kimberly MacIntyre get drugs from a student. At the dance Ryan drags Kim to see Harry. Debbie finds that Tracy is with Harry and he tells his wife that they were talking about their son. Ryan arrives with Kim and shows Harry the drugs that he found on her. Harry takes the drugs and tells Ryan that he will take care of it. Harry and Debbie sit down with their children for a talk. Harry tells Annie and Dixon that Tracy had a son and gave him up for adoption. At home, Harry asks Annie about unusual credit card activity. Annie tells him that she bought some boots. He tells her that the card was for emergencies only and that her shoes cost more than some small cars. Harry sees that she is packing and asks where she is going. Annie tells him that she is going to a slumber party at Silver's. Harry knows that Kelly is not home to supervise and tells her that she is not allowed to go. Annie gets mad at Harry saying that when he was her age, he was making babies. Harry tells her that she has to return the shoes aswell. Harry arrives at Silver's house and the party breaks up. He finds Annie drunk and sat on the floor. He comforts her and smells that she has drank way too much. The next day, Kim, Ryan and Harry meet in the principal's office. Harry tells Ryan that he will be given a paid leave of absence until Kim is done with her assignment in school. Harry meets Kelly in her office and tells her that he had to fire Ryan. Kelly presses on what his reasoning was but Harry asks her to trust him. Kim walks into her office and Harry leaves.

At Annie's birthday party Sean Cavanaugh arrives at the Wilson's house. Annie takes him inside the house where Harry is about to cut the cake. Sean greets Harry and he is surprised to see his son. Harry is filling in as the lacrosse team coach while Ryan is out. At the school, he holds a reception for the team the night before a game against Bel Air. Later, Harry, Tracy, Debbie ad Sean go to dinner at a restaurant. Harry invites Sean to attend his team's lacrosse game. At the game, Harry tries to give the team a pre-game talk but is distracted when Debbie and Sean arrive. Harry sees that Dixon is not playing well and calls a time out. He tells Dixon to clean up his act and Sean approaches and tries to encourage Dixon. Harry replaces Dixon with another player and as Dixon goes to the bench Harry tells him that his behaviour is unacceptable. Dixon drops his equipment and tells Harry to screw off, then goes to the locker room.

Harry chases Dixon and tells him that during the game, he is his coach and not his dad. Dixon asks if he is still Sean's dad during the game. Harry realises that Dixon is upset at Harry and Sean's time together. Harry apologises for neglecting Dixon and the two then make-up. Dixon and Harry return to the game. Harry thanks Debbie for being so understanding in "Hello, Goodbye, Amen". At the Wilson house, the family plays pictionary with the boys against the girls. Annie hears that Sean is upset and asks what's wrong. Later, Sean tells the family that his father owed $200,000 and that the people that his father owed the money to are now after him.

The Wilson's having family time and Harry tells Debbie that he wants to cash in his retirement early in order to help Sean. Debbie tells Harry to talk to Sean's mother first and they meet with Tracy and ask her if she can give Sean any money. Debbie tells Harry that they should not give Sean money. Debbie says that they should not jeopardise Annie and Dixon future for Sean. Sean comes home and Harry sees that he has been beaten up. Sean tells Harry that the guys that his father owed money to found him and Harry calls Tracy and tells her to try and come up with the money for Sean. Debbie tells Harry that he should make Sean take a paternity test. Harry says that he knows that Sean is his son, but is willing to take a test to prove it. Sean says that he is okay with that and the next morning Harry finds that Sean has packed up and left the house.

Debbie is having troubles with Tabitha and asks Harry to do something, but he says that he can't because Tabitha is his mother. Harry then tells his mother that she is butting in on how they want to raise their kids. Harry says that they will move out if she doesn't back off. Tabitha tells them that Annie went to Palm Spring with Ethan. Harry and Debbie then drive up to the Palm Spring house and see that Ethan's car is there. They look in the window and Debbie is happy to see Ethan asleep alone on the couch. Harry shows Debbie that Annie is asleep in the bedroom. Harry and Debbie tell each other that they should give Annie a little more freedom.

Harry and Debbie help Dixon to find Silver when she goes missing. Days later, Liam Court has been sent to Harry's office and is getting a "good cop/bad cop" lecture from Harry and Kelly. The day of the prom Harry overhears some girl talking about an after prom party and he stops The Veronica's mid-song to tell everyone he's going to bust everyone's after party's. Harry and Debbie go to the hospital to support Adrianna and its here that Harry and Debbie learn that they have eaten some pot brownies at the prom by accident and spend most of the night high.

Season 2

During the summer, Debbie and Harry have moved to another house after Tabitha leaves. When some scandalous pictures of Annie get sent to the entire school Harry and Debbie attempt to discuss Annie's situation but the conversation only causes more tension, leading Harry to open up to Kelly about his family problems. In "The Porn King" Harry asks Navid Shirazi where Dixon is since he hasn't seen him for a while. Later that day Harry speaks to the press about Joe Herman during his memorial.

Harry overhears Ryan talk to a friend about being his wing-man. Harry tells Ryan that he would like to go out with him. Ryan agrees to go out, but thinks Harry is acting weird. Ryan and Harry hang out at the bar. Harry tells him that he has the perfect girl for him who is an opera singer. Harry loudly impersonates the opera singer as he gets up to use the bathroom. A woman sits down with Ryan and asks him to join her and her friends if he is willing to ditch Harry. Harry returns from the bathroom and tells the woman that she is on his seat. Ryan feels embarrassed as they continue to drink and Harry tells him to snap out of his depression. Harry complains about how Debbie always nags him about how to raise the kids. Ryan puts his head down as the woman that met with Ryan earlier waves goodbye and then leaves. Debbie finds that Harry is trying to get over his hang over and she helps him make a drink to help. Harry accidentally thanks her by calling her Kelly.

Tensions rise between Debbie and Harry when she walks in on Harry and Kelly in his office. In "Women's Intuition" Dixon comes home and apologises to his family for being late. He says he has practice, but Harry says he talked to his coach and knows he was kicked out of the team because he missed several meetings. They soon find out about Sasha and Debbie confronts her to leave Dixon along, later that night Harry and Debbie find Dixon in his room. He tells them that Sasha had a miscarriage and doesn't want him to see her again and Debbie tells him he will be okay. Later, Harry asked Debbie why she lied to Dixon and she tells him she thinks it is for the best and asks him to trust her.

In "A Trip to the Moon" Harry asks Dixon if he is feeling better after Sasha broke up with him. Harry says he talked to his coach and got him back on the surf team but Dixon says since he missed practices, he should suffer the consequences. Dixon says after Sasha said she miscarried, she hasn't been returning his phone calls. He doesn't think it is fair that he should go on thinking nothing happened. Harry tells Debbie that he is worried about Dixon. Debbie says since Sasha manipulated Dixon, he should get over her soon.

In "To Thine Own Self Be True" Dixon, who is still upset about Debbie not telling him the truth about Sasha, tells Harry and Debbie that he is getting a ride to school. They notice that Annie is in a good mood and she admits she has been seeing a boy named Jasper Herman. She describes him as a genius filmmaker. Annie says she plans on bringing him to dinner and that afternoon at home, Annie asks Harry not to tell any stupid jokes during dinner with Jasper. Annie tells her parents that Jasper is sweet and sensitive but Dixon says he is going to help his friend move. As Dixon and Annie fight, Dixon exclaims that Jasper is a drug dealer just as Jasper rings the doorbell. Just before Dixon leaves, he tells Jasper to enjoy his dinner and Annie introduces her parents.

Jasper compliments Debbie on the dip she made and Annie announces she is working on a film with Jasper, but Harry is unenthusiastic at the news. Jasper says Annie is his inspiration. After Harry asks who his friends are at school, Jasper says he only has Annie. Annie explains the students at school suck and are spoiled brats but Jasper instructs Annie to calm down. Debbie and Harry go to the kitchen to grab the dinner and Jasper feels he is blowing his first meeting with her parents. Annie admits Dixon told her parents that he is a drug dealer. At the table, Jasper says he is not a drug dealer and he explains that he feels like he has a place in a world when he is with Annie. He asks them to give him a chance and Debbie asks him to join them for dinner.

Annie tells her parents that the dinner started awkward, but she is glad they gave Jasper a second chance. Harry and Debbie tell her she shouldn't see Jasper anymore. Annie says they can't control what she does at school, Debbie finds out that Annie lied to her and tells Harry, later Debbie and Harry ask Annie how her study group is. Debbie says she found her book in her room and Dixon arrives and says he was looking everywhere for chemistry book.

At the school, Debbie suggests she find Kelly a decent guy. Harry watches as Debbie finalises plans. He asks her what happened with Kelly and she says the crush didn't have anything to do with him. The next day, Harry and the police conduct random locker searches. After they reach Jasper's locker, they see that it is clear. They find a bag of coke in Navid's locker and take him away. At home, Dixon, Debbie and Harry watch Jeopardy! while shouting out answers. After the door bell rings, Dixon realises that Jeopardy! was taped. Dixon opens the door and meets Dana Bowen, Dixon's birth mother. Harry asks Dana to stay at the home for the night making Debbie uncomfortable.

At home, Debbie says she is worried about Dixon and wants to send him a text. She realises she should give him some space. Harry gets a call and learns that Dixon's car was found downtown completely stripped. Dana and Dixon return home in a good mood and Dana asks Dixon to see him to her room. After Harry tells Debbie she had nothing to worry about she says her feelings are valid.

In "Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees" Liam is brought to the principal's office because he threatened Mr. Cannon. Harry tells him if he doesn't talk he will have to expel him. Harry tells Cannon to leave. Naomi arrives and enters the office. She tells Harry that what happened is her fault. She says the reason why Liam attacked Cannon was because he sexually harassed her. Harry tells Naomi that there will be an investigation on Cannon. Naomi says she doesn't want to press charges, but Harry insists since they can't take a chance with a teacher who may be harassing the students. While in the room with Cannon and his wife, Harry asks Naomi what happened and she describes how nothing happened and she lied. Cannon's wife is happy to hear that her husband is innocent. After the meeting, Harry tells Naomi there will be severe consequences and Naomi admits she didn't think it would get that far.

At school, Naomi is forced to perform clean up duty as punishment for falsely accusing Mr. Cannon. Harry instructs her to pain over the word "molester" written on Mr. Cannon's parking spot. After the school is vandalised Harry shows Dixon a video showing him letting Mark Driscoll and his friends into the school. Dixon insists he didn't know what Mark was going to do. After Harry asks him what he was doing there Dixon confesses he has a gambling problem. He explains instead of paying off Mark, he let him into the school. He says that after Mark and his friends realised that the SATs were not there, they vandalised the school. After, he asks Dixon the names of all the students who were involved.

Annie and Liam arrive and overhear her parents arguing. Debbie tells Harry that he has been cold lately. She describes Kai as being compassionate and understanding. She says she stopped kissing Kai since it was the right thing to do, not because she didn't want to. During dinner, Debbie and Harry awkwardly ask each other about their day. Annie walks in while Debbie and Harry look for paper work for their therapy session. Annie tells them she knows what is going on. Just before Annie runs to talk to Dixon, he blows out the candles while Ivy Sullivan hides. Annie announces she knows her parents are fighting because Debbie kissed some guy. Debbie and Harry confess they have been seeing a marriage councillor. They tell Annie and Dixon not to worry about anything. After they refuse to promise everything is okay, Annie gets upset and Harry says they have to get to their appointment.

Harry and Debbie's problems escalate when she finds out what Harry has been hiding Dixon's gambling issues from her. In the season finale Harry comes home after meeting with the superintendent. He explains he was fired after he admitted he tried to protect Dixon. Debbie tells him he shouldn't have lied. They start to fight while Dixon walks by. Debbie tells Harry that she feels like they don't love each other anymore. Later, Annie shows and confesses to her parents that she run over Joe Herman during the summer.


In the Season 3 premiere Annie and Dixon see their dad's parking spot painted over in the lot. In "Mother Dearest" Annie and Dixon visit their dad but are shocked when a woman answers the door.