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Harper Bergman is a recurring character on 90210, played by Hayley Holmes.

She was first seen filming the testimonials for the senior class as the editor of the yearbook. She thinks of herself as highly intelligent and puts herself on a pedestal above everyone else, eve insulting Naomi Clark by telling her that high school will be the highlight of her entire life.

She is later up for the Leadership Award against Navid Shirazi towards the end of senior year and strikes up a rivalry with him over the award. She ends up winning and is not a very gracious winner, managing to insult Navid in her victory speech.

She makes her final appearance as the head of the dance committee at the West Beverly Hills High School prom, where she organizes the dance with Dixon Wilson. Though she stresses out during the planning stages, she reveals to Dixon that she only joined the dance committee because no one had ever asked her to the prom. Dixon then danced with her.