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Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez
Hannah Zuckerman-Vasquez.png

Name and Birth:

Hannah Rose Zuckerman-Vasquez (1994/1995)


Andrea Zuckerman (Mother)
Jesse Vasquez (Father)
Brandon Walsh (Godfather)

Portrayed By:

Hallee Hirsh

First Episode:

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Last Episode:

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Hannah Rose Zuckerman-Vasquez, portrayed by Hallee Hirsh, is a minor character first introduced by name in the first series of the Beverly Hills, 90210 continuity, who reappears in the pilot episode of the fourth series of 90210.

Character Overview

Hannah is the daughter of Andrea Zuckerman and Jesse Vasquez. 


Season 1

In the pilot episode, like her mother, Hannah is seen reporting school news at West Beverly Hills High. The character was not seen, heard of or mentioned since the pilot.