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Gia Mannetti was a recurring character on 90210, played by Rumer Willis.


Gia worked on the West Beverly Blaze with fellow student Navid Shirazi, a reporter. She later bumped into Adrianna Tate-Duncan at her Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, which began a friendship between them.

While at a party, Adrianna kissed Gia to help make Gia's ex-girlfriend Alexa jealous. This led to Gia telling Adrianna that she had developed feelings for her. Gia and Alexa later talked and she told Gia that she hopes to make a menace. Adrianna and Gia had an argument because of Adrianna inviting Navid to a party. Laurel Copper, who signs Adrianna to her music label, told Adrianna to follow her heart. Adrianna later arrived at Gia's place to find out that Gia had slept with her ex-girlfriend.


  • Gia and Adrianna's relationship was causing controversy with the show's fans. Because of it, the writers were forced to end the relationship in Another, Another Chance.