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Finn Court is a recurring character in Season 2 of 90210. He is portrayed by Scott Patterson.


He is Liam Court's ex-convict biological father that comes to L.A. after a stint in prison, looking to earn some seed money and settle down by opening a tackle shop on the marina. It’s music to Liam’s ears, as he sees his dad’s return as an opportunity to finally get out of his stepfather’s house.


Liam comes home and finds Finn in his garage after he got out of prison. He tells Liam that he misses him and gives him a hug. The next day Finn tells his son that his job interviews have not been going well since he is an ex-convict. That night Liam tells him that he would like to speed up his goal to open up a tackle shop. He brings him three dimes from his stepdad's coin collection and says they are worth tens of thousands of dollars. Liam tells his dad after he gets his business running, he would like to move in with him. Finn makes a deal to sell the coins that Liam stole from his step dad. Finn says he needs to take care of some business then leaves.


  • Finn Court is Liam Court's biological father; not to be confused with his adoptive father, Jeffrey Sarkossian.