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Elizabeth Harwood is a recurring character in Season 5 of 90210. She is portrayed by Keke Palmer.


Elizabeth is the sister of Jordan Welland and the daughter of Cheryl Harwood from New York. She attends a party given by Jordan and planned by Naomi. Naomi mistakes her for the mysterious Author X, which was actually Annie Wilson. She tries to get her to admit it at the party, causing a scene and blurting out that she's a whore, embarrassing everyone, especially when Jordan reveals Elizabeth as his sister.

Elizabeth returns to L.A. after Mark Holland is framed for drug possession and informs Naomi that her mother is trying to help, but Jordan won't return their calls. Later, however, Cheryl comes through and Mark is freed on a technicality.

Elizabeth later has a problem when she was spending time with Prince Harry and he got drunk and starts dancing on the balcony. Naomi comes to help her, but Prince Harry is hard to control, drunkenly offering money for sex and stripping down to nothing and exposing his "royal scepter". Naomi covers up a possible scandal, taking the rap for Elizabeth after Prince Harry overdoses.