Donna Martin is a guest character on Season 1 of teen soap 90210. She is portrayed by Tori Spelling.

Character[edit | edit source]

Donna returns to Beverly Hills in 2009, bringing her baby-daughter Ruby along while visiting Kelly—who's become a successful guidance counselor at West Beverly—and her half-sister Silver. Donna later meets writer Diablo Cody (guest starring as herself) and provides her with a Donna Martin original. Cody wears the dress to a red-carpet premiere, accompanied by Donna which Kelly and Silver proudly watched on TV. Afterwards, Donna introduces Cody to Kelly and Silver, who happened to be a fan of hers. Later, Donna reveals to Kelly that she and David have separated. Planning to open a new store, Donna begins scouting for a building to lease in town. She also tells Kelly that while David had grown content with living in Japan, she's come to miss Beverly Hills. This brought her a great degree of anxiety and sorrow with regards to the relationship, though Kelly provided her with comfort. Eventually, the two decided to spend an evening out together. Following a session of drinking and dancing, Donna found a building to lease as her new store. She also received a message from David, who stated that he was thinking of her.

David[edit | edit source]

Years after the wedding, David and Donna moved to Japan on business. Though they'd initially planned on staying for only a year, they ended up living there for at least four, and had a daughter named Ruby. In the spin-off 90210, David's marriage entered a period of separation shortly after Ruby's birth, due to his wife missing their hometown. Eventually, Donna—who'd become a successful fashion designer—returned to Beverly Hills with Ruby. After reuniting with Kelly, Donna opened a new store. She became quite saddened over the separation, but received flowers and a message from David, who stated that he was thinking of her.

Ruby[edit | edit source]

Ruby is the daughter of Donna and David, born in 2008. Ruby moved to Beverly Hills from Japan with Donna in Autumn 2008

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