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Dixon Wilson
Dixon Wilson.jpg

Name and Birth:

Dixon Wilson (1992)


Lacrosse Player
Waiter at Peach Pit
Aspiring DJ


Dana Bowen (Mother)
Harry Wilson (Adoptive Father)
Debbie Wilson (Adoptive Mother)
Annie Wilson (Adoptive Sister)
Mark Holland (Adoptive Half-Brother)
Olivia Holland (Neice)
Dylan Holland (Nephew)
Tabitha Wilson (Adoptive Grandmother)
Emily Bradford (Adoptive Cousin)


Erin Silver (Ex-Girlfriend)
Sasha (Ex-Girlfriend)
Ivy Sullivan (Ex-Girlfriend)
Adrianna Tate-Duncan (Ex-Girlfriend)
Megan Rose (Ex-Girlfriend)

Portrayed By:

Tristan Wilds

First Episode:

We're Not in Kansas Anymore

Last Episode:

We All Fall Down

Dixon Wilson, portrayed by Tristan Wilds, is a main character on the hit show 90210. He is based on the part of Brandan Walsh from the main series Beverly Hills, 90210 .

Character Overview

Dixon is the adopted son of Harry and Debbie Wilson, and the adopted brother of Annie Wilson. He is also the grandson of Harry's mother Tabitha Wilson. Dixon is good-spirited and a graduate of West Beverly Hills High, where their dad served as the principal. Like Harry in his high school days, Dixon is a skilled lacrosse player. His passion for music eventually led to him signing to a record label and touring at the end of the fourth season. He is often compared to Brandon Walsh


Season 1

During an early lacrosse practice game at school, a brief fight broke out when Dixon was assaulted by a fellow player named George Evans. The incident was noticed by Ethan Ward, one of Annie's old love interests, who initially gave false account due to peer pressure. In response, Dixon informed Ethan's girlfriend Naomi Clark, via text messaging, that Ethan was cheating on her. When faced with a possible ban from the team, Dixon told Annie that lacrosse was special to him because it had helped create a bond between him and Harry. Annie later confronted Ethan regarding his dishonesty, which prompted him to exonerate Dixon and set aside any differences they had.

When rival players from Palisades Hall High School vandalised West Beverly, Harry forbid the team from retaliating. In time, however, Dixon and certain others were assisted by fellow student Navid Shirazi, who helped them set a group of pigs loose the rival school building. Harry then planned to suspend lacrosse unless the culprits were revealed and Navid soon revealed their own involvement. Though they received punishment, Dixon and Ethan were ultimately allowed to remain on the team. At home, Dixon later bonded with Harry as they compared their high school experiences; he also learned that his sister Annie had been on a semi-adventure to San Francisco. In addition to meeting Ethan and Navid, Dixon was introduced to Annie's new friend Silver in the first episode. Later, after Silver had spent a night out with the Wilson's and others, Dixon found her sleeping in a car outside the family home. She then explained that she'd been avoiding her mother, who'd become an alcoholic. Dixon revealed that he himself had grown up in a troubled family environment before being adopted by the Wilson's. Afterwards, Silver spent the night with the Wilson family. The next morning, Harry informed Silver's sister Kelly Taylor of the situation, prompting Kelly to take Silver in. Dixon and Silver became flirtatious and grew gradually closer during the coming days. After accidentally damaging a fellow student's car, Dixon took a job at the Peach Pit to pay for the expenses. When extra hours at the job began to affect his school work, Harry took care of the charge and Dixon later paid him back.

In the process, he befriended the student whose car he'd damaged, inspired Silver to ease tensions between herself and her old friend Naomi. Dixon and Silver later shared a kiss, and soon began dating. Dixon and Annie were later informed by their parents that Harry had another child, who'd been born to Tracy Clark (mother of their friend Naomi) while Harry was in high school. Harry, however, had only learned of this after the family had moved. Eventually, a young man named Sean Cavanaugh, arrived in Beverly Hills and introduced himself to the Clarks and Wilson's, claiming to be Harry and Tracy's son.

He was soon invited to stay with the Wilson's while in town. His arrival initially prompted a degree of jealousy in Dixon, due to the amount of time spent between Sean and Harry. However, Dixon and Harry eventually resolved the matter with a discussion, leading Dixon and Sean to become closer as well. Annie and Debbie eventually began growing suspicious of Sean's identity, particularly when Annie overheard one of his phone calls. Sean then claimed that he was being harassed by men who wanted him to pay his adopted father's gambling debt, and that going to the authorities for help would be risky. When Harry and Tracy offered to give Sean the money, Debbie and Annie confronted Harry and requested a paternity test. Sean agreed, but suddenly left town the next morning without telling anyone. It was also revealed that he'd received a degree of money from the Clark family. This led the Wilson's, Naomi and a reluctant Tracy to conclude that Sean was not who he claimed to be, but someone who'd intended to scam them. Afterwards, the close-knit Wilson's provided each other comfort and began moving on. Dixon became confused by Silver's reaction to Annie and Ethan's relationship, finding it odd that she was turned off by their repeated displays of affection. When he eventually stated that he loved her, Silver expressed gratitude, but had a largely indifferent reaction. After he quietly revealed his hurt, she became quickly angry and walked off. Though Dixon was left confused, the two later reconciled at school. However, Dixon's discomfort with Silver's detachment led him to break up with her soon afterwards, in the following days, Silver found Dixon at a party and caused a ruckus, offended that he appeared to have moved on quite easily. After she'd stormed off again, Dixon caught up and found her emotionally shaken. She then stated that being in love was bringing her stress, which led to the two to a happy reunion. Dixon and Silver later spend the evening of Valentine's Day together, after she'd arranged for a hotel and dinner reservations with help from Naomi.

Silver became notably agitated when a waitress gave her unexpected news about an order, but a perplexed Dixon pacified her. Afterwards, the two went to their hotel room. When a new school day came along, Silver revealed that she'd had Dixon's name tattooed on her torso. Dixon was flattered, but also appeared confused. Silver later took an interest in film, compiling a small project for a local theater. Dixon then attended the premiere as part of a small audience, noticing that the film dedicated to love was filled with odd flashes of eyes and beating hearts. The images then cut to a recording of Dixon and Silver having sex, which Silver had taped in secret. Outraged, Dixon left the theater as the movie was switched off. Silver followed Dixon home while frantically explaining her actions and stressing her love, but Dixon went inside after a brief argument. Soon afterwards, Dixon and his parents found the film burning outside, prompting Harry and Debbie to ponder what was going on.

Later that evening, word quickly spread that Silver had gone missing, leading Dixon to inform his parents of the recording she'd made. She eventually attempted to contact Dixon, but the disturbed and confusing nature of her call prompted him to hang up. Dixon then appeared unconcerned with her status throughout the evening, but later rode with Harry and Debbie when they learned where she was. At the local train station, Dixon recognised Silver's symptoms as being similar to his birth mother's, concluding that she had bipolar disorder. He then comforted her again, and she was eventually taken to a hospital. Following Silver's release, Dixon visited her as she recovered.

While accompanied by Annie, Dixon took a trip to Arizona in order to see his birth mother Dana Bowen. Along the way, he explained that he'd chosen to be adopted out of resentment for his mother's condition, unaware at the time that it was a true illness. Annie approached Dana alone, as a remorseful Dixon realised that he wasn't ready to face her yet. It was then revealed that the adoption had actually been Dana's choice, as she thought it would be for the best. Annie informed Dana that Dixon was indeed doing well, and was told that Dixon had always wanted a sister when younger. Afterwards, Annie shared Dana's words with Dixon, raising his spirits as they left.

Dixon and Silver attended the West Beverly Prom together, despite Silver having recently left to enrol in a Catholic school. They were joined by their friend Ethan, who hadn't planned to attend until Silver invited to accompany them. Dixon was voted Prom King, while silver with Dixon's intervention unexpectedly won Prom Queen. Silver was flattered by the award, but ultimately declined it on-stage, trivialising the event. Afterwards, a hurt Dixon distanced himself from Silver. At an after-prom party at Naomi's house, Dixon began to suspect Ethan of having a crush on Silver. Ethan denied this at first, but then admitted it under pressure. The two went their separate ways as Silver appeared.

Season 2

In Season 2, Episode 1 "To New Beginnings" in the aftermath of the last season finale Dixon and his family moved to another house after their grandmother left to Vegas during the season premiere. Annie tried to reach out to Dixon for help but he thinks she slept with Liam Court during the prom and gets mad with Annie because she never apologised for sending him and other students to summer school. Later that day, Dixon goes to Beverly Hills Beach Club to hang out with his friends where he reconciles with Silver until Teddy Montgomery, the new boy tells Dixon about Silver texting some dude named Ethan about a kiss. Dixon then breaks up with her. On the first day of school Dixon decides to date less complicated girls and feels that he is over Silver but she still wants another chance. Later, Navid tells Dixon about the rumours of a naked picture of Annie but doesn't care about it. When the text is sent to Dixon he hits Mark Driscoll, the boy who took the picture in the face. Harry calls Dixon to his office and asks him why he did that and he tells him the reason why. In "Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat" Dixon met a DJ named Sasha whom he quickly connected with but Dixon lies to her making her believe that he is older than he is and a music manager. Teddy makes a party at his dad's boat and Dixon goes with his friends to the party but discovers that Sasha is the DJ at the party. With the help of his friends, he continues lying to her about his life at the end of the episode. Sasha and Dixon go on a date to Napa in Navid's car but on the return trip, a flat tire leads to the discovery of a car trunk full of pornography which belongs to Navid's father, and it leads to Dixon telling more lies to Sasha. She starts growing suspicious about him and decides to spy on him and believes that the woman who lives with his is his wife so she decides to follow Debbie and talks to her. Debbie tells Sasha about her daughter, Annie and her adopted son, Dixon. Later, Sasha breaks up with him for lying. Dixon tries to get Sasha's forgiveness and she forgives him and they start dating again but the relationship turns to another level when she just wants to hang out at her house because she doesn't want to be seen with a younger boy. Dixon starts feeling pressure from her during "Unmasked" and breaks up with her for not letting him hang out with her friends. Sasha then gives him the shocking news that she is pregnant with his baby and feeling desperate Dixon tells his parents about his situation, prompting Debbie to investigate it and finds out that she is faking her pregnancy and makes her stay away from Dixon. She later calls him and fakes a miscarriage and then breaks up with him again. Dixon wants to speak to Sasha to support her about the miscarriage but when his parents discover this, they decide to tell him the truth about Sasha faking everything.

In "To Thine Own Self Be True" Dixon is mad with his family and Sasha for lying to him. When Annie brings her new boyfriend Jasper Herman for dinner he takes his anger out on her telling his parents about Jasper being a drug dealer, still alienated and upset, he spends time with Ivy Sullivan and Teddy to work on a plan for Liam to tell Naomi the truth about Jen Clark. In "Winter Wonderland" Dixon plans a way to help Annie get rid of Jasper during the winter wonderland dance and later starts to feel jealous of Teddy hitting on Silver. He tells Silver that teddy is a player and could get hurt by him and then kisses her leaving her confused. When Silver comes back with Naomi for the winter break, Dixon is trying to win Silver back making up things about with Teddy with other girls. Out of nowhere Dixon's birth mother goes to the Wilson house trying to make a relationship with her son, they continue to bond which lures him into her casual habit of sports betting. Dixon immediately becomes hooked on gambling and begins placing bets online as well as in public just like his birth mother used to do with her addiction to gambling. In "Sweaty Palms and Weak Knees" Dixon feels like everyone feels sorry for him because Silver is dating Teddy and he is left alone with Ivy who decides they should fake date so that other's don't feel bad about them. They keep on fake dating and decide to take it to the next level. Dixon's continuous addiction to gambling leads him to host a gambling night with his friends Navid and the other boys from school and ends up owing over $6,000 to Mark, the boy who took the naked picture of his sister. When Dixon is unable to get the money to Mark, he tricks Dixon into getting his father's school key and letting him get inside the school to steal the SAT's, but the test isn't there so Mark and his friends trash the school. Dixon then ends up in trouble when Dixon's father, Harry, discovers that his son was part of it. When Dixon tells Mark that he will save him from being expelled, Mark takes advantage of the situation. With everything that is happening, Dixon distances himself from Ivy who wants to know what's wrong with him. He invites her to his house for a date but his parents suddenly start fighting leaving Dixon scared of losing another family.

Ivy invited Dixon to Australia with her mother for the summer but their parents don't allow him to go because he broke into the school and caused problems for his father. During a party at the Beach Club he hooks up with Silver while feeling sad. In the season finale "Confessions" Dixon and Ivy go through a rough patch after he tells her about kissing Silver, but the real disappointment comes when he finds out he can't go to Australia with her because his parents are getting a divorce and he can't leave the house. Dixon is seen sneaking out of the house while his parents are fighting.

Season 3

At the start of Season 3 it is revealed that Dixon left Australia early due to his family's problems. Sasha returns and surprises Dixon by telling him that she is HIV positive. She warns him to get tested. It is revealed that he is HIV negative. He breaks up with Ivy before his test results arrive, leading her into Oscar's arms. After he finds out from his Doctor that he is not HIV positive he realises he needs Ivy back. He goes to her house and tells her the truth but because she slept with Oscar, she tells Dixon she needs time to think.

At school, Dixon tells Teddy the rumours that he "was trying to play pool with a rope" with Parker. The same day at school he gives Ivy a bouquet of surf wax. Dixon tells Ivy he still loves her and wants to pretend that the last week never happened. She agrees, and the two get back together.

At the end of episode 7, Dixon tells Ivy he doesn't want her to be pressured into losing her virginity. Ivy pauses and tells him that she slept with Oscar and he leaves looking hurt. The next day when Dixon arrives at School he finds Oscar and punches him in the face.

While Liam, Navid and Dixon are heading to the beach to surf, Dixon tells him he punched Oscar for sleeping with Ivy. Ivy then pulls up and asks to speak to Dixon to apologise and tells him he must know she still loves him. He tells her she should have thought of that before and walks away to catch up with the guys.

Season 4

In the season premiere Dixon finds out that his roommate is a girl and starts looking for a new one. He finds a house on the beach and decides to share it with Austin Tallridge. Dixon reveals to Annie that he is not going to college but instead he wants to start a career as a DJ. In "Rush Hour Dixon", on a tight schedule, Dixon struggles to prepare a demo CD for a producer he's meeting. He ends up taking his roommate Austin's ADHD medication at his suggestion in order to complete the CD. Dixon asks Navid to give him an important producer space in the studio because it would help his career, Navid later re-schedules Dixon's studio time for another client without telling Dixon. At Liam's bar, Dixon is looking for the producer and Navid tells him the truth which makes Dixon mad at him and almost punches him, but Silver stops the fight. Later, Navid buys Dixon studio time at a record company but Dixon ruins his chances when he unable to record properly, which fails the interest of the producers. While he is talking to Annie, he tells her he didn't tell Debbie that he is not in college which leads to take Austin's pills again. When Dixon finds out that he finished all the pills, he looks for someone else who will sell them. Dixon is having the support of his friends with his music and Adrianna Tate-Duncan gives his demo to an important agent. Later, Dixon has been abusing the pills when Adrianna shows up at the beach house he behaves rude to her. Wanting an opportunity to show more of his music, he gets a part at the Raj fundraising to play but when Adrianna shows up again to check in on him she finds a sweaty Dixon with a bleeding nose. Adrianna doesn't let him play because he is not well and takes his place. He later thanks her but Adrianna confronts him about his drug problem.

Adrianna shows up at Dixon's and wants him to confess that he's a drug addict, but he won't, so she acts like the sane individual she is and handcuffs herself to him for 24 hours to prove he's not on drugs. They later connect with each other by talking about their exes dating each each other and then Dixon tries to sneak pills in the middle of the night. At the party, Adrianna unlocks their handcuffs and Dixon thanks her for looking out for him. He then bolts as fast as he can to score more ADHD pills. When the gang goes to Vegas Dixon tries to curb his ADHD addiction. He almost gives in at the end, but Adrianna shows up to stop him. Dixon and Adrianna then kiss and head to the bedroom. Annie later comes by Dixon's room and finds the drugs. Dixon admits that he's a drug addict to Annie and says Adrianna was there when she wasn't. Annie later tries talking to Dixon about rehab. For Thanksgiving Dixon tells Adrianna he has feelings for her and she tells him she feels the same way but Annie told her to stay away from him. Dixon tells Annie to stop controlling him and that he wants Adrianna to drive him up to rehab. Adrianna tells Annie that Dixon may still be on drugs. Adrianna breaks up with Dixon after dropping him off at rehab. Dixon returns from rehab for a visit but everyone thinks Dixon's been out on a tour, not in rehab. Dixon tries to reconnect with Adrianna, but she says he's not ready yet.

At the end, Dixon tells everyone he's a drug addict. Dixon and Adrianna are in bed together and Dixon says that his mind is the clear for the first time in months. A random guy named JD then bursts through the door and into Dixon's bed. JD was Dixon's roommate in rehab. Back at the bar, JD talks about getting back to making music but Dixon thinks it's too soon for him to be working. Also fresh out of rehab JD says he doesn't plan on staying sober. JD then says he has tickets to a concert and asks Dixon to come with him. Adrianna doesn't think it's a smart idea for Dixon to be around alcohol and drugs but Dixon says he has to learn to deal with them being around. After JD and Dixon hang out with the band backstage, JD offers Dixon some coke. Dixon then watches the video of Adrianna performing from a couple weeks ago and gives the coke back to JD. Dixon shows Adrianna his new track, which turns out to be a remixed version of her son she sang a couple months ago. She's visibly uncomfortable and tells him that that song was private and accuses him of putting his career ahead of her. Later, JD shows up and tells Dixon some people from a record label want to hear his music. Later, JD introduces Adrianna to the record label producers. Dixon then plays a terrible new song in front of everyone that's basically him apologising to Adrianna. Adrianna then mentions that she didn't want Dixon to play her song because it was about her daughter and questions why she gave her up. She then tells Dixon that she wants to give them a shot. After the winter break Adrianna and Dixon first reunite at the bar. Later, Austin tells the couple that his dad got them the opening slot for Scotty McCreery. While the two set up, a creepy manager stops by and repeatedly hits on Adrianna. Dixon is annoyed by it, but Adrianna says it's just part of the business. While they're getting ready, the manager comes back and again hits on Adrianna. Dixon punches him and they get fired. Adrianna also says she'll find her own way home. Afterward, Dixon talks to Austin about Adrianna at the bar. Later, Dixon apologises to Adrianna and they make up. Austin's been playing country music all the time since Naomi broke up with him and has only come out of his room for cereal. Dixon says to Adrianna and Navid that he'll try to handle Austin. Austin then spends half the episode drinking beer and playing darts at the bar. After Dixon talks to Austin about his weird relationship with Ivy last year, he tells him he has a plan. So Dixon and Austin egged/toilet papered Holly Strickler's sorority's house. Austin inadvertently threw a rock through Holly's window. Later, Austin tells Dixon he had a great time and appreciates everything he did for him. Dixon then shows him an article that says the house they vandalised the night before burned down. Annie brings Bree over to Austin and Dixon's and asks if Bree can crash there and Austin says she can. Later, Bree, Austin and Dixon are eating dinner and decide to turn the conversation over to the fire. Bree tells them the police told her the fire started in the bathroom and looked like arson. Annie then goes to Dixon's to find her and the cops show up. They actually come looking for Dixon and Austin because of an anonymous tip about the fire. They find lighter fluid under Dixon's bed and place him under arrest. Dixon tells Annie that he thinks Austin set him up. Later, Dixon comes back and Austin tells him that he started the fire by burning old love letters and he's going to turn himself in. Dixon gives Adrianna a key to the apartment. He majorly screws up and says it's out of convenience, not out of love. With that information in the open, Adrianna leaves and says she doesn't know if she even wants to be with him. Dixon talks to Navid about Adrianna and Dixon admits he's never told her he loved her. Navid talks to Dixon about Silver, but says he doesn't want to put her on the spot about him leaving. Adrianna shows up later the now candle filled apartment. Dixon then asks her, again, to move in with him, this time adding that he loves her. Adrianna accepts and says she loves him too.

Adrianna and Dixon land a meeting with a major movie producer to discuss music on his next film, but are sabotaged by Vanessa Shaw. Dixon gets a call from a label and tells Adrianna they got a meeting and a spot at a music festival. Dixon shows up at the meeting with Marilyn without Adrianna. Marilyn notices Adrianna's absence and says she's got a bad reputation in the business. Dixon tries to convince her Adrianna's changed and says that she's not there because she's sick. Because of the Vanessa incident, Dixon has to perform his and Adrianna's set solo. After Dixon's set, Marilyn offers Dixon, and only Dixon, a recording contract. Adrianna later comes by and Dixon lies about seeing Marilyn.

Dixon gets a call while he's at CU from a guy at the record company asking him if he wants to sign a record contract or not. Dixon is still apprehensive and the guy tells him to hurry up with a decision. While he's at breakfast with Annie she asks Dixon to tell Adrianna the truth. Dixon gets a call to meet someone at a recording studio and is surprised to see Adrianna there. Adrianna wanted to surprise him with studio time so they could cut a new demo. Dixon freaks and tells Adrianna she can't use it. Dixon then says he can't breathe and thinks that he's having a heart attack. At the hospital, the Doctor tells Dixon she suspects he has a heart defect. She thinks that his drug use made it worse and formed a clot. The Doctor also tells him to avoid stress. Dixon runs into Liam at the hospital and tells him about his heart, but also tells him not to tell Annie. Dixon then finds Raj Kher and learns that Raj's treatments didn't work and he's dying. Raj asks him not to tell Ivy. Dixon tells Liam about Raj, but Liam says he shouldn't go against a dying man's wish. Annie overhears Liam talking about Dixon and then confronts Dixon about his heart issues. Dixon tells Annie he'll be fine. Dixon then tells Ivy about Raj. Liam later tells Dixon he did the right thing telling Ivy and Annie about him and Raj. Later, Dixon's about tell Adrianna the truth about his record contract, but she interrupts and tells him she's quitting music because of Dixon's stress. Adrianna tells him their music isn't worth his life and she'd do anything for him. In "Blue Ivy" Dixon continues to keep his new recording contract a secret from Adrianna because he doesn't want to hurt her feelings. Meanwhile, Adrianna doesn't want to press Dixon on his strange behaviour because she is worried the stress will cause more health scares. Adrianna eventually tracks Dixon down at a club where he will be performing with Haley Reinhart. Adrianna confronts Dixon just before Raj's wake and things don't go so well. He finally tells her about his contract and she is very hurt that he chose his career over her. They never get a chance to resolve things because Dixon takes off on tour with Haley. At the end of the Season 4 finale, Dixon left some messages to Adrianna and says that he saw her song on YouTube, misses her, and wants her back. He also says he's coming back that day and to meet him at the Santa Monica pier. He tells her if she shows up, he'll know she still loves him. Then we see Dixon on the phone to Navid, telling him to ensure that Adrianna doesn't give up on him and move on. However, the conversation is cut short when Dixon is involved in a collision with a truck whilst on his way home; it ends with the police and ambulances arriving on the scene.

Season 5

A worker at the morgue tells Annie that they assumed Dixon was the driver and that he's in the hospital in a critical condition. The group goes to see Dixon and he manages to get out four words: "I love you, Adrianna". When Adrianna gets to the hospital and Annie tells her that the Doctors are trying to stop some internal bleeding. The Doctor then comes out and says to Annie and Debbie that Dixon is stable, but the use of his legs and hands may be affected. Weeks later, Annie's taking care of Dixon and says she will for as long as he needs. Over at Dixon's physical therapy, Annie runs into a guy named Riley Wallace, who's an offensively arrogant civil war buff. Riley tells her to stop treating Dixon like he's helpless. Back at the apartment, Dixon's had enough of Annie and lashes out at her, saying he's sick of her taking care of him and it's starting to come between him and Adrianna. Not wanting to be confined to the house, he says they're going. At the reception, at the coat check, Dixon tries to reach for his jacket and falls out of his chair. Annie finds him and says that she can't not help him. Annie apologises for making him feel helpless. Dixon expresses concern about his ability to get better and questions his relationship with Adrianna. Annie surprises Dixon by taking him to a group therapy session. Dixon wants to leave, but stays for Annie. While he's there a girl named Megan Rose introduces herself to the group. She's there because she felt that it was her fault that her dad died in a car crash. Through the details she gives out, Dixon figures out that her dad was the one who rammed into his car. Dixon leaves. Riley finds Dixon on the pier and gets him angry enough that Dixon gets out of his chair. Riley tells him the only thing that matters is moving forward and the only one keeping him in his chair is himself. Later, Dixon goes back to group therapy and says to Megan that she shouldn't blame herself for her dad's accident. Navid, Dixon and Liam decided to jump on the camping bandwagon and head over to the camping site. When Dixon starts having trouble putting the tent together, Navid decides to tell him that he thinks Dixon's to ready to open his club. Navid says he only has one shot to get his club right, but Dixon can perform in a couple month's time. Dixon decides to take the groups car and leaves. Later at the bar, Dixon goes to see Navid. Navid tells him that the job was purely a business decision. Dixon tells him that he's still performing, since Liam owns the bar and wants him to.

Dixon's nerves are getting to him, both literally and figuratively. Riley tells him he should see a doctor, but Dixon is too anxious to do the gig to go. When Adrianna tries to tell Dixon that they should talk about their relationship, Dixon brushes it off and implies that his career is more important. In "The Con", Dixon tells Taylor Williams that he's been a jerk and that Adrianna's the most important person in the world to him. Later at the beach house, Adrianna goes back and finds Dixon on the floor complaining about a sharp pain in his back. When they get to the hospital, the Doctor tells them that Dixon has a spinal infection. Dixon admits to not taking his pain medication in fear of getting an addiction to them.

Dixon asked Annie for $200,000 so he could start a record label. Annie agrees to come on as an investor. Later, Dixon's Doctor tells him that they're worried about his infection, and says they could prescribe something stronger, or they could perform surgery and risk permanent paralysis. Later, Dixon's doctor calls and tells him his infection's gone. After Adrianna performs, Dixon tells her she's the most important thing in his life and gives her earrings, not an engagement ring. Then while Dixon is putting together a video folder of Adrianna, he sees her lap dance video with Taylor. Dixon tells Adrianna he knows what happened, and Adrianna admits to sleeping with Taylor. Dixon tells Adrianna he's done. When Adrianna comes back home, Dixon tells her to get out. He also tells her he wants to see her at the recording studio tomorrow, and that he owns her. Through this revelation, Dixon found a name for his label: Unfaithful Records. For Christmas, Dixon tells Riley he's thinking of getting his friend from therapy, Megan, a gift, and says she's just a friend. Meanwhile, Adrianna keeps on getting contractual obligations texts from Dixon. Later, Dixon invites Megan to the Offshore. She tells him she can't go because it's the first Christmas without her dad. When Dixon goes to see Riley, he tells him that he needs to tell Megan about the accident. At the Offshore, Dixon reveals to Riley and Annie that he doesn't need his crutches anymore. Later, Megan shows up at Dixon's and tells him that he's the only thing that makes her happy. He proceeds to tell her about the accident and she kisses him.

Adrianna accidentally walked in on Megan and Dixon. Adrianna came over to discuss the material he wanted her to perform at the label launch. Dixon tells her she has no choice in the matter, so Adrianna leaves. After that, Megan leaves. Dixon wonders why Megan left to abruptly and decides that Megan thought that he was using her, so he leaves his launch set up to talk with her. Megan admits that she thinks that Dixon still has feelings for Adrianna and that she wanted to walk away. While Rita Ora performs at the launch party, Teddy tells Dixon that he needs to get rid of his hatred for Adrianna and move on. While Adrianna was at the biker bar, she met a guy named Billy. Coincidentally, after Adrianna shows up to the launch, Dixon tells her he's not only going to stop torturing her; he's going to stop feeling anything for her at all. After Annie gets shot he rushes to the hospital and blames Adrianna for the accident. After Annie's surgery, Dixon is surprises to see that Adrianna's still there.

Megan can't afford to stay at CU for the next semester unless she gets a scholarship. She refuses to accept help, and won't work for Dixon, in spite of his insistence. So Dixon goes behind her back and sets up an anonymous scholarship for her. But that plan backfires when Adrianna discovers that it was her hard earned money for Dixon's label that he used to fund the scholarship. Then Dixon tries to get Adrianna in another record label but she messes up the chance. Dixon needs an artist for his record label and when Silver moves Michaela into the beach house he discovers that she has an amazing voice. Dixon persuades Michaela to join his record label as his new talented star and asks her to sing at Naomi and Mark Holland's restaurant grand opening party. After Michaela accepts, Dixon convinces Silver to direct Michaela's first music video before she gets pregnant but they learn that the scheduling date for the video is on the day of Michaela's insemination appointment. Dixon, at Mark's suggestion, hooks up with a bar girl to move on only to have Michaela come in the way where Dixon begins to have feelings for her as they spend more time together. While Dixon takes Michaela to an appointment, a person in the waiting room thinks they're a couple. It's not a big deal to Michaela. She tells Dixon that she's the same girl that she was before she was pregnant and wants to go on dates. Dixon goes to Mark and asks him to ask her is she's interested in him. Mark is not up for this high school nonsense and tells Dixon to tell Michaela how he feels. During a lovely food truck dinner, Dixon tells Michaela that he likes her. Michaela tells him she doesn't like him that way, but she does like Navid and she can't get him out of her head. Annie admits to Dixon that she paid for his rehab by escorting. Dixon is angry about this news and refuses to talk to Annie. After Liam admits to Dixon that he knew about Annie's past, and that he once punched Patrick Westhill, Dixon decides to surprise Patrick at his house. Dixon tells Patrick that he's not in any position to threaten anyone and to bring it. Right before her interview, Dixon comes by to tell Annie that she should tell the truth and that he supports her. Michaela is mad at Dixon and has decided to not talk to Silver and avoid seeing her and Silver wants Dixon to fix her and Michaela's relationship. When Michaela and Dixon come home, they see Silver packing up Michaela's things and is sending her packing back to DC. Michaela realises that Adrianna released the demo, so Dixon goes over to confront her. Dixon wants Adrianna to apologise to Silver and tell her to leak the demo. Adrianna agrees, but reminds him that Silver's never given anything up for him and only wants to make herself happy. When Silver and Dixon escort Michaela to her appointment, Michaela tells them she's sick of their bickering. Meanwhile, Dixon tells Silver that she only cares about herself, and that he looked through Michaela's contract and she's allowed to go on tour. When Dixon and Silver come home, they find a note from Michaela and all her bags gone. While Silver and Dixon are arguing, Dixon tells Silver they should call Shane and Teddy to help them find Michaela. Silver doesn't want to in case they try to move Michaela back to DC, so she sets up an alert on one of her credit cards in case Michaela uses it. Silver gets an alert at a bar so she, Teddy and Dixon find Michaela at a bar. Michaela tells the group she needed time. It turns out that Michaela had a miscarriage. During the concert, Dixon convinces Adrianna to sing the song, and tells Navid that not only did Adrianna write the song but she wrote it about him. After the performance, the stage suddenly falls apart and collapses while Dixon helplessly looks on, while Adrianna disappears in the debris.

Alternate Realities

Season 5

After Annie got shot, she ends up in a hospital and while she's in surgery, the anaesthesia goes straight to her head and she dreams up a world where she didn't move to Beverly Hills. There, Dixon had a huge falling out with his family in high school and decided to move to LA. He is now a fading rapper, who desperately needs a #1 album to stay relevant. Meanwhile, Silver uses the picture and puts Dixon on blast for lying about being from Kansas. With his career in the toilet, Adrianna and Dixon get closer at the going away party. In the real world, Annie recovers and tells her friends about her dream. She comments on how absurd it was that Silver would use her friends for her own personal gain. This prompts Silver to tell Teddy the truth about forging his signature on forms regarding her pregnancy.