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Colin Andrews is a recurring character in Season 5 of 90210, played by Rob Mayes.


Colin is first seen at The Offshore, where he flirts with the girls as a patron at the bar. Naomi Clark later sets him up with a reluctant Annie Wilson. Colin is also proficient with computers and unleashes a positive virus on the internet to wipe out any of the nude photos of Silver that have been posted.

He begins spending time with Annie and the two begin to hit it off, despite interference from Riley Wallace. Colin later figures out that Alec Martin has been tracking Naomi through the GPS in her phone and reverses the process so that Naomi has access to Alec's e-mail.

However, he used Naomi to hack into the business of Max Miller and steal information from him, which effectively ruined their company. After they try to recover their business by inventing a new game, Colin steals it and presents it as his own at Phenomi-Con, which infuriates Annie.

He reveals he has a fledgling software company that Max stole a client from months earlier, so he was just returning the favor. Later, he is confronted by Riley Wallace, who hits him in the groin and rolls off in his wheelchair.