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Christina Worthy
Christina Worthy.jpg

Name and Birth:

Christina Worthy

Portrayed By:

Lauren London

First Episode:

That Which We Destroy

Last Episode:

Help Me, Rhonda

Christina Worthy, portrayed by Lauren London, is a character in the fourth series of the 90210 franchise.

Character Overview

Christina is introduced as a cheerleader, with the potential to be Dixon Wilson's love interest. Until, she reveals to him that she is actually openly bisexual. Christina is involved with Silver's mental breakdown as Silver gets jealous of Dixon and her hanging out.


Season 1

Christina first appears as a cheerleader, who befriends Dixon. Soon she becomes known as a threat to Silver, as she suspects she is flirting with her boyfriend. Christina invites Dixon to one of her father's barbecue, not knowing that Dixon didn't tell Silver he was going. At the BBQ Christina reveals to Dixon that she is a lesbian, after he thinks she was hitting on him. Her girlfriend, Tiffany, is a singer in the choir. Feeling relieved and guilty, Dixon calls Silver to come round. He explains to her that he didn't tell her about it because he knew that she hated her. Silver forgives him after he tells her what Christina did for him, introducing him into a black community he was in need of. Christina's final appearance is in "Help Me, Rhonda" where she invites Dixon and Navid Shirazi to a friends party in order to get Navid a girlfriend.

Along with Dixon, she acts as Navid's wingman securing him with Nika Raygani, Fresh from her break-up with Dixon, Silver shows up unannounced and publicly accuses Christina of not being a lesbian and hitting on Dixon.