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Cheryl Harwood is a recurring character in Season 5 of 90210, portrayed by Robin Givens.


Cheryl is the mother of Jordan Welland and Elizabeth Harwood. She is a judge from New York that is getting consideration for becoming Secretary of State. Jordan warns Naomi Clark about how brutal she can be on people before they become romantically involved.

Cheryl comes out firing upon their first meeting, bashing her family for not donating an heirloom, Annie Wilson's book, and Naomi calling Elizabeth a whore at the last party. Annie and Silver scatter as Naomi is under attack. However, Mark Holland saves Naomi's night by donating his cooking services and a family recipe off to make money.

Cheryl then takes Naomi into her hotel room and proceeds to take out her police records and wants to discuss them with her. She also brings up her marriage to Max Miller, which infuriates Naomi to the point where she tells her off and storms out of the hotel.

After Mark is arrested on drug possession charges, Cheryl gets some sealed papers opened in order to clear his name. In exchange, Jordan has to break up with Naomi and move to New York.