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Charlie Selby is a recurring character in Season 3 of 90210, portrayed by Evan Ross.

Series arc[]

In his first scene, Charlie makes an impression on Annie with his literary name-checking and low tolerance for superficiality. In "Age of Inheritance", it is revealed he is Liam's half-brother. They previously had a falling out because Charlie stole some credit cards from their uncle in Minnesota and blamed it on Liam.


Annie and Charlie

Charlie and Annie start dating, but Annie ends up sleeping with Liam. After talking to Liam properly, Charlie tells him that he only let Liam get beat once by their uncle, but Charlie got beaten almost every day. He also tells Liam he wanted to protect him, not hurt him. With that said, Liam reconciles with Charlie. However, after Charlie finds out that Annie and Liam slept together during the episode "Holiday Madness ". He leaves to go to Paris for a semester abroad, lets Liam stay in the house and helps his brother and Annie finally get together, even though Charlie still has feelings for Annie.


  • Annie cheats on Charlie with Liam and lies to Charlie for about 2 episodes.
  • In 306, Liam and Charlie both reveal their scars they got from their uncle.