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Carrie Anne Monroe is a character in Season 5 of 90210, portrayed by Nicole Paggi.


Carrie is an actress and co-star of Liam Court in his latest upcoming movie. She first appears with the paparazzi as Liam is telling Lindsey Beckwith how serious he is about attending college and taking her class.

Carrie continues to follow Liam around in order to gain press and fabricate a relationship with him. She tries to call Liam while he's camping, but Navid Shirazi answers the phone and tells her Liam went out to get firewood and hasn't come back.

Carrie shows up on their trip with the paparazzi and sensationalizes the situation, stating the Liam is lost in the woods. Carrie grew up hunting and fishing in Montana, so she quickly finds Liam. Carrie tells Liam that he takes everything for granted, which gets Liam to play along with her publicity scheme.

At Phenomi-Con, Carrie is being interviewed by a reporter when Lindsey Beckwith reveals herself as Liam's real girlfriend.