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Bryce Woodbridge is a minor character in Season 5 of 90210, portrayed by Amber Stevens.


Bryce is introduced as a candidate to replace Alec Martin as C.E.O. of Max Miller's software company. She attended Stanford University and has all the qualifications needed to perform the duties. While Max is enthusiastic about hiring her, Naomi Clark, is immediately wary of her because she is attractive. Naomi then takes the job for herself. Max and Naomi later run into Bryce at the Hollywood Bowl before Adrianna Tate-Duncan's performances. Bryce is seemingly understanding about not getting the job and states she just got offered another job.

Naomi figures out that Max really wanted to hire Bryce and does the right thing in offering her the job, which she accepts. However, her first order of business is getting the board to vote Max out of the company and encouraging a merger. Naomi tries to confront her, but she blows her off after breaking up with her fiance. Naomi sets up Navid Shirazi with Bryce and he learns that Alec was behind Bryce's perfect resume and interview skills, having engineered the entire takeover to get back in Max's life.