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Ashley Howard is a recurring character in Season 5 of 90210, portrayed by Natalie Morales.


Ashley is a Los Angeles police officer who is assigned to security detail for Liam Court after an incident with the paparazzi, but develops an obsession with Liam and puts his life at risk.


Ashley accompanies Liam to the Hollywood Bowl and gets a free ticket from Annie Wilson. Ashley later installs security cameras at The Offshore and is seen getting a tattoo of Liam on her shoulder. After Adrianna Tate-Duncan sees Vanessa Shaw at a hair salon, she tells Ashley, who asks her to keep it a secret. She then kidnaps Liam because she believes he'll go back to Vanessa and reveals herself to be crazily obsessed with him. She keeps Liam locked up underneath The Offshore, where she reveals that she was suspended by the force several months earlier for erratic behavior. Meanwhile, Vanessa and Annie track them down by tracking Ashley's life and finding out that she had equipment delivered underneath the bar.

Vanessa and Annie arrive to free Liam. While Vanessa and Ashley fight, Annie sets Liam free. However, as they are all leaving, Ashley pulls a gun on Liam. Annie struggles with her and the gun goes off, hitting Annie. Ashley is then arrested by the police and taken into custody. Liam, suffering from PTSD, later has to testify against Ashley, and has a breakdown when he sees her, slamming Adrianna Tate-Duncan against the wall. As a result, he sees a therapist.