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Annie Court (née Wilson) is a principal character on CW teen soap 90210. She is portrayed by Shenae Grimes.


Annie is a young woman from Kansas who grew up with a passion for theater. Annie appears to be a girl with a pure heart and bubbly personality. And, that back in Kansas, all the guys at their school would fall for her. Ever since she was a child, she wanted to be an actress and was involved in all the school plays. Annie is the only daughter of Harry and Debbie Wilson. When she was 8 years old her parents adopted her brother, Dixon.

In 2006, she visited her grandmother during the hello from the other side summer where she met Ethan and they kissed for the first time. In 2008 she was in a relationship with Jason but they broke up when her family relocated to Beverly Hills. Annie is best friends with Naomi Clark and Erin Silver. She is also good friends Adrianna Tate-Duncan, Ivy Sullivan, Navid Shirazi, and Teddy Montgomery. Annie eventually becomes a best-selling author and Liam and Annie later get engaged as the series reaches its conclusion.

High School[]

Season 1[]

Annie and her family moved from Kansas to Beverly Hills, California to live & watch over her grandmother, Tabitha. She and her brother Dixon are subsequently enrolled in West Beverly Hills High School where their father Harry attended school and is now the principal.

Upon moving to Beverly Hills, Annie left behind her childhood friend & boyfriend Jason and got the lead in the school play. She also reunites with her summer fling, Ethan Ward, but was disgusted with him when she learned that Ethan was cheating on his current girlfriend Naomi Clark.

Annie took an interest in her new school's current musical production which put her at odds with Adrianna Tate-Duncan. She also becomes quick friends with Naomi, but their notable differences led to a falling out and a short lived rivalry between them.

She also became friends with Erin Silver even though Silver was offended when Annie left her to spend time with Naomi & responded by making Annie the latest subject of parody on her blog. She later apologized to Annie by helping her win a part in a school musical.

Silver eventually confided that she used to be friends with Naomi as well which ended after Naomi betrayed her by revealing a secret about her father.

After Jason broke up with her because of their long-distance relationship she began seeing rich boy, Ty . Early in their relationship Ty took her on a surprise date to San Francisco. Though she was punished for the rash action, she remained drawn to Ty, and kissed him at the end of the second episode - just as Ethan began to express interest in her once more.

Eventually, she began to distance herself from Ty when she believed Ethan to be available, Silver however advised her that pursuing Ethan wouldn't be wise, as he and Naomi were likely to reconcile. When it became apparent that Naomi was still a priority to Ethan she attempted to rebuild her relationship with Ty - only to find that he'd begun moving on. She persisted in trying to win him back, apologizing with cookies and a kiss. Ty soon declared that she is "adorable," and they got back together. She later became the understudy to Naomi's best friend, Adrianna, who'd been dropped from the school play due to her irresponsibility.

A resentful Adrianna decided that she needed to get revenge on Annie and decided to lie to Ty and say that Annie was seen leaving with Ethan, which wasn't true but this act made Ty jelaous and he agreed to sleep with her. When Annie walked in she heard Ty in the shower and saw Addrianna in a towel drinking champagne. It is later reavelaed that Ty wasn't in the shower, but that Adrianna just put on the water, hinting that he never slept with her. Annie then broke up with Ty, and reluctantly agreed to help Adrianna with school work at the request of a teacher. The two girls later attended a fashion show that Annie's mom had helped produce, where they met a film producer who recognized Annie from the play. After accepting an offer to read for the small film, Annie introduced the producer to Adrianna, who was then given the same opportunity. Afterwards, a grateful Adrianna expressed her appreciation to Annie, and revealed that she'd staged the incident with Ty. Annie then walked away from Adrianna in anger. She later apologized to Ty for assuming the worst of him, and the two chose to continue their relationship as friends.

Following a break-up between Ethan and Naomi, Annie and Ethan were soon paired up on a school assignment. She later saw Naomi attempting to dispose of Adriana's drugs, which subsequently caused Naomi's brief arrest. She and Ethan later gave their support to Naomi, who was eventually freed. While watching a movie, Ethan and Annie nearly kissed, but were interrupted. As Naomi and Annie grew closer, Naomi revealed that she was beginning to value their friendship. However, she also admitted that Annie's growing closeness to Ethan was likely to make things awkward. Therefore asking Annie to not date Ethan. When the West Beverly homecoming dance neared, Ethan stated that he wasn't quite ready to ask anyone. He did suggest, however, that he and Annie spend time together after meeting at the dance. The two ended the evening by kissing outside of the building.

Annie soon learned that her dad had recently learned of a son he'd fathered during high school with Tracy Clark, Naomi's mother. She and Naomi would later discuss this. Though both found the situation odd, it initially had little impact on their friendship. However, after seeing Annie kissing Ethan later, Naomi became highly resentful. To retaliate, she lured Annie's old boyfriend, Jason, to town, and made out with him at Annie's birthday party. The girls then had a private confrontation. Naomi, citing her growing frustration with the many betrayals and surprises in her life, and she was unrepentant for her actions. Angered, Annie revealed that she'd intended to tell Naomi about Ethan, but she had been waiting for the right time. Both then declared that their friendship was over.

In the midst of the argument they were interrupted by the arrival of Sean Cavanaugh, a young man claiming to be the son of Harry and Tracy. Annie and Debbie eventually began growing suspicious of Sean's identity, particularly when Annie overheard one of his phone calls. Sean then claimed that he was being harassed by men who wanted him to pay his adopted father's gambling debt, and that going to the authorities for help would be risky. When Harry and Tracy offered to give Sean the money, Debbie and Annie confronted Harry and requested a paternity test. Sean agrees, but suddenly leaves town the next morning without telling anyone. It was also revealed that he'd received a degree of money from the Clark family.

This led the Wilsons, Naomi, and a reluctant Tracy to conclude that Sean was not who he claimed to be, but someone who'd intended to scam them. Harry was deeply hurt by the reality of Sean's deception, but was comforted by Annie and the others. Afterward, the close-knit Wilsons began to move on. Annie became distraught when she failed to land the lead role in the school's new play, as the part went to Adrianna.

While she and Ethan were later chatting over the phone, he became distracted at the wheel and collided with another car. Upon visiting the injured driver in the hospital room, Ethan, learned that she was a fellow student from West Beverly named Rhonda. As Ethan observed the girl's recovery and began getting to know her, he started to express interest in living life to the fullest and opening himself up to new experiences. This attitude was in contrast to Annie's, as she continually expressed interest in theater, and resisted Ethan's suggestion to explore other activities as well. As Rhonda continued to recover, she and Ethan became increasingly friendly. Unbeknownst to Ethan, Rhonda was developing feelings for him and hiding that she was more healed than she'd revealed herself to be, hiding the truth as she grew fond of his visits.

Later, Ethan chooses to leave the school play which he had entered in order to be around Annie deciding to mainly devote time to pursuits what he felt was worthwhile. Annie begins to grow annoyed by the amount of time Ethan spent with Rhonda following her recovery. Soon afterward, Rhonda reveals to Ethan that she was more healed than she has been letting on and apologizes for the charade explaining that she's maintained being hurt, because she enjoyed his company. The two then agree to be honest with each other from now on.

Annie, Ethan, and Rhonda later had a discussion at the Peach Pit, during which Rhonda revealed that she didn't plan on attending the Valentine's Day dance. When Ethan wondered why, Rhonda relayed a story in which she'd been asked to a previous dance on a secret bet, and then made fun of in public when the truth came out. Afterward, she'd nearly overdosed on sleeping pills while grieving, but had been found in time by her mother. Following a string of botched performances in her theater class, a frustrated Annie eventually uses Rhonda's story as material. She then notices an outraged Ethan looking in from behind her classmates. As Ethan storms off, Annie follows him and expresses regret for her actions. Still angered, Ethan walks away, and ignores Annie's phone calls throughout the evening. After going to the Valentine's Day dance alone, Ethan was surprised to find that Rhonda had showed up after all. As the two began talking, he expressed anger toward Annie, and attraction to Rhonda. At the end of the night, Rhonda kissed Ethan in the parking lot.

Following a pause, Ethan pulled away, stating that the two of them were just friends and that he had a girlfriend. Confused, Rhonda explained that she'd thought Ethan had broken up with Annie due to the resentment he'd been expressing. She also declared that he'd been eyeing her with romantic affection throughout the evening, and reminded him of the pledge to be honest. Ethan stated that he was sorry if he'd led her on, and the two parted ways after Rhonda drove off. When a new school day came along, Ethan exchanged quiet glances with both Rhonda and Annie at their lockers.

Ethan began to feel emotionally withdrawn from Annie in the coming days, leading to a slow frustration on her part. This negativity eventually led her to drop out of the school play. Annie later heard about the kiss that Rhonda had given Ethan, which was overseen in the parking lot. She then confronted Rhonda, who relayed that she hadn't known that Ethan was still committed at the time. Rhonda then told Annie that she needed to talk things out with her boyfriend instead. After leaving Ethan a message, Annie accepted another boy's invitation to join him and others as they hung out in a park. Ethan later found Annie cuddling with another boy, leading to a private argument between the two of them. While discussing the park scene, Rhonda, and the overall status of their relationship, the two broke up. Annie then learns that Silver had gone missing, prompting her and Ethan to search West Beverly for clues, the two were later joined by Naomi.

While Annie and Naomi searched through Silver's locker, friendly feelings resurfaced between the girls. After learning that Ethan and Annie had broken up and that Silver had been safely found, Naomi chose to bury her ill feelings toward Annie and they started their friendship over again.

Annie accompanied Dixon on a trip to Arizona, learning that he was looking for his birth mother Dana. Along the way, he explained that he'd chosen to be adopted out of resentment for his mother's bipolar disorder, unaware at the time that it was a true illness. Annie approached Dana alone, as a remorseful Dixon realized that he wasn't ready to face her yet. It was then revealed that the adoption had actually been Dana's choice, as she thought it would be for the best. Annie informed Dana that Dixon was indeed doing well, and was told that Dixon had always wanted a sister when he was younger.

Afterward, Annie shared Dana's words with Dixon, raising his spirits as they left. When Naomi's dad Charles was faced with a lawsuit, he forced Naomi to leave the hotel she'd been staying in for the sake of his appearance. Annie then offered to let Naomi stay with her family, Naomi accepts. Prior to moving in, Naomi had begun a relationship with Liam, an underage bartender and student at West Beverly. During a double date with Naomi, Liam and his cousin, Liam privately asked Annie out. Annie declined and informs Naomi of what had happened.

Naomi would later move out of the Wilson's house when her older sister, Jen, returned to town.Following a party, Liam brought an intoxicated Dixon back to the Wilson home, where Annie chatted with Liam, who expressed interest in her once again. Claiming that she wasn't as much of a good girl as she appeared to be, before leaving he admitted that he is curious as to what lies beneath her surface. 

At the West Beverly Prom, rumors began to spread that Annie had "narked" to her father of the students secret plans for the after-prom party. Naomi then hosted the party at her house against her sister's wishes where everyone was free to drink illegally. Upon finding Liam half-naked upstairs, Naomi declared that their relationship is over, and mistakenly believed Annie to be the girl he slept with. Unaware that her sister had slept with Liam to be spiteful for Naomi holding a party at her house.

After being openly humiliated by Naomi and the other students with grudges towards her, a shaken Annie leaves the party. She then calls the police to report underage drinking, and takes a bottle with her before departing. While driving wearily the next morning, she becomes distracted and her car then collides with someone or something on a desolate road.

Season 2[]

Annie is paranoid about her hit-and-run accident at the after-prom party. She becomes obsessed with finding out the stranger's fate. Her paranoia left her snapping at her friends and family. When she learned that the man died in the hospital she became overrun with guilt. She tries to confide in Dixon, but when he guesses that her problem has something to do with Naomi’s accusations about Annie sleeping with Liam at the after-prom party, she flips out. She winds up at the end of summer beach party drinking with a senior and following him into one of the beach cabanas. The death of Annie’s hit and run victim is still haunting her, but that’s no longer her only problem. The boy she had a drunken fling with at the end-of-summer party took a naked picture of her, and now Naomi has a copy.

Even though both Annie and Liam deny having slept together at the after-prom party, Naomi refuses to believe that what they are saying is the truth. Naomi enlists the help of a school nerd to teach her how to send an anonymous text so she can spread the naked photo around school. When the picture gets out, Annie is horrified. She hides in an empty classroom, where a TV set is airing Navid’s interview with new student, Teddy Montgomery. When Navid asks Teddy if anything bad has ever happened to him, Teddy reveals that he found the victim of a hit and run accident lying on the road before the start of the year.

Annie’s problems just keep getting worse. After learning of the sext scandal, Annie’s mom starts to tell her that “being intimate with someone is a big deal” and points out that sex for girls in high school is more likely to damage the girl’s reputation than the guy’s. Instead of accepting her mother’s well-meaning advice, Annie lashes out at her mom claiming that she is just bitter, because she has no sex life. Harry, overhearing this, grounds Annie on the spot.

When Debbie disagrees, Harry admonishes her for being soft and says that sometimes the kids need a parent more than a friend. Just when she thinks the whole hit-and-run incident has been swept under the rug, West Beverly High School receives a generous $100,000 donation made by the so-called “homeless man” that Annie hit with her car on prom night. It turns out that the man’s nephew, Jasper, goes to her school. Seeing his grief is more than she can bear, so she apologizes to him for his loss. Reaching out, Jasper asks Annie to go for a ride together.

The two wind up stargazing on the dashboard of his car. Then Jasper reminds her that they had a lovely night stargazing and he'd love to go get some "Dim Sum" with Annie after school. Annie seems hesitant, but Jasper explains it was a place his uncle used to take him, and because of the guilt she is still feeling she agrees to go along. Annie is really starting to enjoy Jasper’s company and asks him to go to a movie. But then Mark, the jock who she hooked up with at the end-of-summer party, warned her that Jasper isn’t a good guy. He’s dangerous and Annie’s starting to rethink her newfound friendship. She cancels their movie plans and tries to avoid Jasper at school. Annie thanks the jock for the tip, and he asks her to hang out. But neither notice Jasper lurking in the shadows watching Annie slip into the car with him. Mark takes Annie to a rooftop picnic. But things go from romantic to creepy when Mark starts to put the moves on Annie. She tells him to stop, but he won’t. Luckily, Jasper shows up in time to pull him off. Now Annie is in Jasper’s debt, but just because he saved her doesn’t mean he’s not dangerous.

For Halloween Annie has inspired Jasper to come out of his writer’s block and finish his screenplay, making Jasper dub Annie as his muse. He wants her to star in his movie as well and Annie happily accepts. Jasper brings Annie to the Beach Club to film the scene of her stealing a car that’s in valet parking. But instead of doing the logical thing and using his car as the one that’s about to get “borrowed”, Jasper wants Annie to take someone else’s car, his reasoning being that it is a motivational for Annie’s character to feel free and vivacious. Annie continues to date Jasper, that is until Navid reveals that he has a credible source, that says Jasper is a drug dealer. Annie blows off Navid's claims, but she can't help to notice Jasper's big wad of cash that he always carries around on him. She then mistakenly blurts out the question and Jasper loses it! He tells Annie that he never questioned her when everyone thought she was a slut and can't believe she would question him. Jasper declares their relationship is over and leaves Annie in downtown LA, alone. Jasper goes to the Hollywood sign to shoot more footage and Annie is there crying. Jasper accepts Annie's apology and demands that she never doubts him again. Annie agrees.

Later, Jasper gets a text and he tells Annie that he will be right back and that he has to get some equipment from his car. When he gets there, Jasper pulls out some pills revealing that he is in fact a drug dealer. Annie squeals in joy when Jasper reveals that he arranged an audition for her through his dad.

While Jasper helps Annie practice her lines she tells him that she loves him, only for him not to reply back. But to Annie surprise Jasper tells her that he loves her too, he had just wanted to say it first. The next day, Annie is informed that she didn't get the role and is distraught over it. Jasper optimistically tells Annie that her day will come and that she will be "big" one day. Annie then realizes that she wants her first time to be with Jasper.

At the Wilson house, Dixon is still acting upset over whats happened and Annie has a new lease on life, that is actually a leash. Debbie and Harry ask reluctantly what brings "rosie" Annie back and she tells them about Jasper, and ask if he can come to dinner. They happily accept and Annie runs upstairs to tell Jasper, who spent the night.

While prepping for dinner with Jasper, Dixon comes out with an attitude being brash and rude towards Annie. When she tries to ask him what his deal is, he claims that he doesn't want "weirdo Jasper" hanging around. Annie lashes out at Dixon for his hypocrisy citing Sasha's age and unstable mind. Dixon gets pissed and reveals what Navid told him about Jasper being a drug dealer. This stuns Harry and Debbie, but they don't have time to react cause Jasper is at the door. Debbie and Harry attempt to pry at Jasper's social life, which causes Annie to blow a gasket and she loses her mind and snaps at how ignorant the students of West Beverly are.

While Debbie and Harry are unsuccessful at calming her down, Jasper is, but in a way that clearly shows Debbie and Harry that Jasper has a hold on Annie's mind so tight that he has strangled any sense from it. While Debbie and Harry go set the plates, Jasper senses the discomfort from her parents and she says that it may have something to do with the drug dealer rumor. Instead of letting the rumor slide, Jasper creepily reassures the Wilson's that he is not a drug dealer, just someone who loves Annie a lot. But it's not enough for Debbie and Harry to buy, because after dinner ends and Jasper's gone, they forbid Annie from seeing Jasper. She immediately reports to Jasper what happened and he tells her what's done is done and she should just relax. But he angrily throws his phone across the room in a fit of rage.

Annie tells Jasper about Navid's condition, but Jasper is so on edge that he snaps at her to get to the point of whether or not Navid remembers anything. She tells him that she doesn't know and he walks off. After talking to Adrianna, Jasper goes to make up with Annie. Later that night after Annie back-talks her parents, they ground her.

The next day she whines about not being able to go to a chemistry study group due to her constraints. Debbie offers to drive Annie, but Annie who claims she will find another way home. After Debbie drives off, Jasper pulls up and the two go to the beach. Debbie finds Annie's chemistry book while washing clothes and she confronts Annie about her lies, but Dixon strolls in and says that he misplaced his chemistry book, saving Annie. Dixon, fresh off taking down Jen, apologizes profusely about how he hasn't been a good brother to Annie. He then reveals to Annie who slept with Liam and the two bond over the revelation.

The school is abuzz with the Winter Wonderland dance being around the corner. But Annie's over the whole dance thing and tells Jasper that her love for dressing up is a thing of the past. Then Liam pulls Annie to the side to apologize to her about the crap he caused, but Jasper shows up wanting to know what's going on. Liam leaves and Annie vents to Jasper that the reason she and her friends are fighting is because of Jen and she can't imagine someone being so evil. But Jasper doesn't like to hear that Annie has free will and reminds her of all the bad things the cool kids did to her. Annie still says she kind of misses it all and then Jasper asks her to the dance.

While Jasper goes to get Annie and himself a drink, Dixon pulls Annie into the away where all of her friends (Navid, Naomi, Silver, and Dixon) try to explain to her that Jasper is bad news and that he is a bad person. Annie of course doesn't buy it. It takes Adrianna who over heard the intervention to come clean and says that Jasper is no "Prince Charming" and that she is willing to testify to prove it. Annie's mind is blown and she tears up and declares that she needs some time to herself. At the end of the night Annie confronts Jasper about what she's heard. He denies it at first, but he comes clean when Annie demands the truth. She also gets him to stop lying about not pushing over Navid. He tells Annie that he is sorry and Annie says she is sick of all the lies and demands for them to stop. Jasper said that he made mistakes and she made some, too. When Annie asks what the hell does that mean, Jasper declares that while he "accidentally" pushed Navid down the stairs, Annie accidentally ran over his uncle.

In Rats and Heroes, Jasper approaches Annie at school about how much he misses her, to which Annie disses and attempts to reinforces their breakup, only for Jasper to threaten to out Annie to the cops for murdering his uncle, if she doesn't fall in line immediately. Silver and Naomi take notice of Annie's prison term and confront her about it. She tells them to get lost, which prompts Naomi to tell Dixon about it. Dixon later confronts Annie about Jasper and she doesn't want to discuss it with him either, Meanwhile, Jasper continues to torture Annie and slams the gauntlet down when Annie tries to piss him off by saying that she hated every movie they watched together. Silver, Naomi, and Adrianna approach Annie, who is equally glad to see them, but this joyous meeting is interrupted by Jasper, he tries to comfort Annie, but she is not feeling like being bothered with him. So Jasper thinks that it would be best if they went back to the way they were and by doing that she should stop by his house tonight. When she gets there Jasper tries to force her into having sex with the jail being the alternative but Annie says that if she has to have sex with him then she would rather do jail time. Jasper lets Annie go after she says he has nothing on her concrete , but the next day he comes up with photos of Annie's bumper and Annie has had enough. She is ready to confess to get away from this impish leech of a bastard. The next day she struggles to write her letter of confession to her parents, Jasper appears crying that she wins and rescinds holding the accident over her, but he asks for her to come back to him. Dixon finds out that his and Annie's car are missing and later turn up stripped down to the frame in downtown LA.

As Annie has a girls' night out with Silver and Naomi, she immediately spots Jasper two tables from them. She tells her friends that they need to go and now they are in on the fact that Jasper is a stalker. The next day, Jasper approaches Annie and she rebukes him for stalking her. He claims that he is only trying to help her and when Annie asks what the hell is he talking about, Jasper reveals that it was he who stole the car. He goes on to say that it was the only piece of evidence linking Annie to the accident and that he is only looking out for her. Annie is still being stalked by Jasper, but she starts to ignore him. Jasper slowly loses his mind, while Annie all of a sudden has gained a new interest in Liam. Later Annie gets a call from Jasper, who says that life sucks for him if he can't have her, then she won't have to worry about him anymore.

Annie tries to stop Jasper from killing himself. But when she finally makes it to the Hollywood Sign, Jasper cries about how it all doesn't matter anymore now that Annie doesn't love him. Annie tries unsuccessfully to talk him down, but after Annie doesn't say what he wants her to say, Jasper leaps from the sign. Annie meets Jasper's parents at the hospital and they are shocked to find out from Annie that their son tried to kill himself. They tell Annie to go home and let them take care of him. Annie asks for them to let her know if Jasper makes it. Jasper has one final wish: he wants to see Annie before his parents ship him off, Annie pays Jasper a visit and he claims that the only reason she came was to make sure her secret was kept. Annie responds that is not the case and despite not wanting to be with him, she does want him to be okay. Jasper claims that everything he did, he did it for her, because he loves her and that what they had was real. Annie corrects him by revealing that their relationship was built on lies, not love.

Annie feels good after Jasper is long gone and wants to get a new ride. Silver helps her pick out a prospect; a 1965 Mustang and they both want to test drive it alone, but the dealership has a strict policy against it. So the girls come back and ham it up a little and manage to get a poor salesman to relent to their pleas. But Annie wants to drive down the road where her hit-and-run accident went down and she has a flashback, which cripples her from driving any further and Silver takes the wheel. Later, Annie has a nightmare of a picture of Jasper's uncle becoming the wallpaper to her room. The next day at school Annie talks guilt with Naomi and how when you are ready to tell the world your sin, things get worse.Annie overhears Harry and Debbie arguing about their drama. So she and Liam turn to each other, but Annie stops the flirtations from going any further, telling Liam that he needs to be with Naomi. Liam goes to make up with his girlfriend, but his thoughts are all on Annie, which doesn't help when Annie could possibly have feelings for him as well. Harry and Debbie continue fighting and Annie comes in and finally confronts them. 

After Debbie and Harry leave for counseling Annie attempts to talk to Dixon, but he declines and instead talks with Ivy about his problems. After discussing a school project with Liam, Annie stops by her locker to retrieve her stuff. When she closes it, Annie nearly jumps out her seat when she sees that Jasper is standing right behind her. The two catch up, but Jasper only wants to apologize and explain his actions to Annie and how he was wrong. He asks for her friendship and her forgiveness, but Annie can only give him the latter because of their history.

A couple of days later, Mark and his goons tease Jasper about his suicide attempt and even accuse Jasper of killing his own uncle. Annie steps in and calls Mark a crude bastard. Jasper thanks Annie, but says she didn't have to do it. Annie claims that she did, but Jasper pretty much says that they are even as she has forgiven him and he has forgiven her.

While Liam and Annie go over their work, he can't help but to bring up the Jasper scene. Annie brushes it off and has Liam do a task on her laptop. But Liam accidentally pulls up the confession letter that Annie wrote for her friends and family while she was being blackmailed, though Liam is doesn't get a chance to read it.

In the season finale, Confessions, Liam tells Annie about his theft from Jeffrey, and he makes some tough decisions. He tells her about the theft and about his mom and invites Annie onto his boat's first ride into the sea before his stepfather returns and probably sends him off for good. Once they get back and dock at the pier, Annie confesses about what she did last summer and how she felt that she should come clean about it, especially to her parents. Liam takes Annie home and leaves before Annie makes her confession to Debbie and Harry.

Season 3[]

Annie spends her summer on house arrest for all her misdeeds. Meanwhile, Mr. Matthews hooks Annie up with an internship that would require her to lie about her hit-and-run incident. After surviving an earthquake, house arrest, and the break up of her family, Annie has come out strong and tells the truth to the interviewer, who gives Annie the internship. Annie bumps into a UCLA theater geek named Charlie and the sparks begin to fly, and he later appears at West Beverly to leave a message for a student. Liam asks Annie out on a date and says the date takes place on a boat that Liam is "boat sitting", which turns out to be a lie when someone shoos them off the boat for trespassing. After running from the angry boat owner, Annie finds out that Liam isn't as charming as she thought he was. So she calls up Charlie to take Liam's spot at Naomi's party.

Annie's new boss asks to purchase her "eggs" for fertilization but she declines. She starts falling for Charlie, meanwhile Liam crashes at the Wilson house for a few days. and tries to win Annie back. But just when it looks as though he may succeed, Charlie shows up and Annie discovers that they are brothers and haven’t spoken in years. Meanwhile, Debbie is having money problems and can’t find a job, which leads Annie to call her boss and agree to sell her eggs for $20,000. Debbie finds Annie’s hormone injections and confronts her for using drugs. Debbie overreacts, thinking that Annie is high, and starts talking about rehab. Annie tells her mom to slow down and that she’s helping her boss have a baby.

Annie is a curious about Charlie, so she sneaks into a reading of one of Charlie’s new plays. the play turns out to be dark and violent. Annie and Dixon accidentally discover their parents’ divorce papers in the mail. Deciding to take matters into their own hands, they run into their father’s "lady friend” at his new residence. Debbie is heartbroken when her kids tell her that Harry has moved on.

Annie is still insecure about being in high school and dating a college guy. She’s even more insecure when she finally visits his implausibly clean house and meets his roommates, including his ex, Julia. Naomi tells Annie to have sex with Charlie so she doesn’t get dumped. The next time Annie’s over at Charlie’s house, she excuses herself to go get naked while he rambles on about vinyl. Annie giggles at herself in the mirror, tousles her hair, opens the door and screams because she’s standing in her underwear in front of Charlie’s roommates. Annie and Charlie have a heart-to-heart, where he finally tells her that his weird back scar is from his uncle who was a mean drunk and used to beat him.

Annie and Dixon decide that their mom needs to get back into the dating world, so they set up a profile for Debbie on an internet dating site. Dixon and Annie offer to screen candidates for her. Liam ends up in the hospital on Christmas after being thrashed and barely alive. In the end they decide to allow Liam to stay with them. Charlie drops by to show some brotherly love, but Liam isn't having it. While Liam is asleep, Annie curiously stares at him. Liam later apologizes for being weird about Charlie and tells Annie that he has trouble seeing them together because he’s in love with her. Annie ends up having sex with Liam and she lies to Charlie when he texts her to see if Liam is okay and she replies that he is asleep.

Annie and Liam are reveling in their rekindled romance, but Annie claims she needs some space to sort things out. Annie's cousin Emily visits her and Wilson while her mother is at rehab. Emily tells Annie that she belongs with Liam and she should go after him. But when she arrives Liam had just had a long overdue heart-to-heart with Charlie over their childhood abuse, which puts a strain on their relationship because he happy to be on good terms with his half-brother and to “have a family again”.

Annie hates that she has to bring her obnoxious cousin Emily along for the girls’ getaway, especially when Emily shows up with new hair and clothes similar to that of Annie. Emily begins to manipulate Annie to gain her trust and then she turns the tables by conveniently not waking her up for the sweat lodge bonding time. This allows Emily time to endear herself to Annie’s friends and "accidentally" let slip insulting things Annie didn’t say about her friends.Annie gets to audition for a play until Emily shows up, breaking to her the news that she saw Mr. Mathews and Debbie making out on the back porch. Naturally, Annie is so distracted she blows the audition. Upon getting home, she confronts Debbie, who admits she is, in fact, dating Ryan. Emily is becoming the new Annie; she has the lead in the play and making everyone believe that Annie is the mean one. She crosses a line when she begins to flirt with Liam. Emily admits to Annie that she is out to get her because she wouldn’t be friends with her and shows off her acting skills with a deliberate crying to get Annie in trouble. Emily pretends to be an innocent victim and cries to Liam that Annie called her “a b-word!” Emily tells Liam that Annie will get angry if she even sees them talking together. Of course, Annie plays right into this when Liam asks her about it later and she gets mad at him for talking to Emily. Liam tells her she needs to relax. Naomi, Adrianna, and Silver are all still avoiding Annie after Emily told them that Annie had called them shallow. Annie confronts Emily in the parking lot and makes her cry in front of everyone, which doesn't help her case. Annie has gotten fired from her internship after Emily framed her for trashing her dressing room and temporarily suspended from school for jumping Emily in the cafeteria. Annie and Liam secretly work together to expose Emily for the person that she truly is. As a result, Emily decides to leave town. 

For Spring Break the gang takes a trip to Mexico where Annie and Liam spend quality time together to take in the scenery until an accident confines Annie to their hotel room.

Annie takes a job as a personal assistant to a woman who was once a famous actress, Marla Templeton. In an attempt to help Marla organize her life, Annie notices some strange behavior from her and hidden brochures on assisted suicide. Annie stumbled on Marla's assisted suicide informational pamphlets, and instead of letting it go decides to confront her new employer. Marla passes it off as research, though she also opens up to Annie about her struggle with Alzheimer's. Annie convinces Marla to attend a screening of one of her old movies, which shows her that she still has fans. Though it's not enough to stop Marla from taking drastic action that Annie comes across the following day though it is implied that Marla had gone through with her plans.

For prom Annie sells Marla's necklace to pay for her and Dixon's college tuition, but turns out she didn't need to. Marla had left her entire estate to Annie, even after it was revealed that the actress has a daughter. Now Annie is off to Carnegie Mellon and Dixon's ready to enroll at Pepperdine. Liam decides to wait before graduation to inform Annie that he's just not that into the future she's planned for them in Pittsburgh. Instead, he wants to blow off college and work on a fishing boat that's leaving immediately. Hurt, Annie breaks up with Liam because she feels like she can't trust him but she changes her mind at Ivy's wedding and makes amends just before his boat sets sail.


Season 4[]

At the beginning of the fourth season Annie wanted to go to Paris with her mother but she waited all summer for Liam to return. Suddenly Liam is back from the high seas and wastes no time committing to Annie by slapping a ring on the hood of her car but Annie turns him down. Meanwhile Marla's family decides to contest her will, which means Annie has to defer for a semester from Carnegie Mellon. She now has to stick around Beverly Hills and moves into Naomi's mansion. At Naomi´s party Liam shows up with a second proposal but Annie turn him down again, the classes tarted at CU so Naomi and Annie applied to join a sorority but only Annie gets in, while Annie continues to flirt with upperclassman Jeremy, meeting him for coffee, and revealing details about her relationship with Marla. It turns out Jeremy is related to Annie's deceased benefactor, and he uses the information Annie provides against her, claiming she's responsible for Marla's death for having failed to tell anyone that Marla was suicidal.

Now that her inheritance from Marla is in limbo, Annie is broke and struggling to pay for important college needs, like sorority dues. A sympathetic sister takes pity on her and invites her to dine out with her "rich friends," whom she promises will pick up the tab. She fails to mention that her supposed friends are actually clients paying for the coeds' company, until she hands Annie a wad of cash. Annie's grossed out by the transaction, comparing it to prostitution, but when she learns her cut has covered her sorority fees with extra cash to spare, she decides to keep the money. After Holly leaks the letter she found in Annie's room, Annie seeks revenge by throwing the Greek games and making way for Naomi to win. Holly immediately kicks Annie to the curb, which means Annie can't get the Kappa scholarship she's had her eye on. Suddenly the idea of being a paid escort becomes a lot more attractive to her. In Party Politics She helps Silver and Navid in their desperate need to hook up by agreeing to babysit Leila, despite the fact that she has an escorting gig on the same night. Annie takes Leila to her date night and Leila figures out Annie's secret, and though she promises not to tell anyone. Bree gets Annie a escort date. Annie goes to the date, but is surprised to see only 1 guy there, so she abruptly leaves.

The next day, Bree tells Annie that her date, Patrick, asked for her to go to lunch with him. She says no, but Bree mentions that he asked for her specifically and he has her coat so she agrees. Patrick then takes her on a helicopter and later to a museum, where they seem to develop a connection, which results in a kiss. Annie later goes over to his hotel room, not as an escort but as a date; technically, Annie’s still an escort and dating one of her clients. Annie and Patrick begin arguing, because Annie feels like Patrick is still paying for her and treating her like an employee, rather than as a girlfriend. Patrick keeps trying to impress Annie and even brings Perez Hilton over to help Annie with her term paper on celeb bloggers. Still feeling like he's paying her to be with him, Annie breaks up with Patrick.

Patrick later shows up at the party to woo her back in a barrel costume and they make up. Annie's thrilled when she discovers Patrick's in Vegas for a business conference and decides to surprise him there, but she's crushed when she spots him with another woman. Things only get worse for Annie when she finds out that Dixon has been hiding a drug addiction, and vows to get Dixon to rehab. Annie had decided to break up with Patrick because he cheated on her in Vegas, but with Dixon's rehab costing $40,000, she tries to forget about this, knowing she needs Patrick's money to reach the $10,000 deposit. She tries to play nice with Patrick for Dixon's sake, but ends up confronting him about catching him cheating in Vegas. Patrick shows no remorse, telling Annie she's "special to him," but that he has different women in different cities and he thought they were in an open relationship. Initially, Annie breaks up with him for good after this, but when she fails to raise the $10,000 on her own by auctioning her stuff online, she goes back to Patrick, essentially telling him she's fine with exchanging sex for money. Hence, they go back to their previous "open relationship".

The next morning she wakes up to Patrick leaving a $10,000 check on the bed. Annie becomes a nervous wreck as she fears that her secret escort profession will be found out. Since Annie previously lied about getting her inheritance through, Naomi thinks it's time she starts paying rent. Concerned and worried about another expense she can't afford, Annie approaches Marla's grandson Jeremy and proposes they split the inheritance. Jeremy considers the offer and starts cataloguing Marla's estate to decide how it might be split, but notices the necklace Marla gave Annie is missing. Annie's lawyer asks her to return it, but when she reveals she sold it to pay for college, he tells her that could pose a major problem for her case. The fact that she sold it makes it seem like she was only after Marla's money all along, despite this not being the case.

Annie tries to buy the necklace back from the jewellery store owner she sold it to, but she's too late; Jeremy's already purchased it. Patrick offers a broke Annie a trip to Hawaii to meet up with another of his girlfriends, which would result in some much needed money. Annie seems disgusted by the idea, but hesitates due to her need for money. However, Liam interrupts her, and Annie ends the phone call. The two of them talk and end up sleeping together, on the couch no less, though Liam knows something's up with her. Annie doesn't tell him about her escorting. However, that night at Vinny's poker party, Liam finds out the truth about Annie's escorting from Bree and runs to stop her from going to Hawaii with Patrick. Annie, meanwhile, finally finds a way to manipulate Jeremy into revealing his true colours to earn her inheritance.

Just as Liam is racing to find Annie and she is professing her love on voice mail, he gets hit by a car on his motorcycle and the other driver calls it into the cops and bolts. Annie goes to see Liam in the hospital. She said she wanted to come back from Paris and visit him, but she didn’t know how because of him discovering her escorting secret. Vanessa then shows up and he says she’s been there every day since the accident. Vanessa goes to take him home and also lets slip that she didn’t give her license plate info to the cops. Meanwhile, Annie tells Dixon she got Liam’s bike fixed as a surprise. Dixon drops off Liam’s bike for Annie and then Liam and Vanessa show up. Liam says it’s too much and Annie says she hopes they can start over. Well, he doesn’t want to so he leaves with Vanessa to go bungee-jumping. Annie then tells Dixon that the mechanic said Liam’s bike was hit by a maroon car but Vanessa said it was hit by a black car. Vanessa then drives off in her maroon car. At Annie's New Year's party, she decides that she needs to move on because she's holding Liam back from moving on. He then goes and kisses Vanessa; ultimately choosing her while Annie announces that she has decided to attend Carnegie Mellon. On the way into her flight, when asked for her ID Annie realizes that she must've switched her bag with Vanessa's at the party by mistake. In Vanessa's wallet Annie finds multiple fake IDs to states all across the US and decides to stay to protect Liam from con artist Vanessa.

In the next episode, Liam and Vanessa are chatting at the bar about tattoos and such, when Annie comes by asking for Liam’s copy of Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance for Dixon. That is of course, a lie, as Annie just wants to get Vanessa alone so she can tell her she knows everything and to stay away from Liam. Vanessa tells Annie she’s got no idea what she’s capable of and Annie tells Vanessa she won’t tell Liam about her IDs if she leaves. Later, Annie comes by looking for Liam and Adrianna tells her that Liam and Vanessa went out of town. Annie says she has to find out where they went and tells Adrianna about the car/ID situation. Adrianna says that Annie could be wrong and could be pushing Liam away. Annie then shows up out of the blue. Annie used Liam’s GPS on his motorcycle to track him and tells Liam about Vanessa’s criminal record. Liam then defends Vanessa and basically calls Annie nuts and tells her he is not her responsibility.

Annie’s escort friend, Bree, asks Annie if she can stay at Naomi’s since the fire burned down her sorority house. Bree also tells Annie that the police are still investigating her. Annie brings Bree over to Austin & Dixon’s and asks if Bree can crash there and Austin says she can. Later on, Ivy mentions to Annie that the cops came by Naomi’s asking about Bree. Annie then goes to Dixon to find her and the cops show up. They actually came by looking for Dixon and Austin because of an anonymous tip about the fire. They find lighter fluid under Dixon’s bed and place him under arrest. Dixon tells Annie that he thinks Austin set him up, but then he mentions that Bree told them about the fire so Annie leaves to go find her. Annie finds Bree and asks her if she set up Dixon, she did. Bree was scared of the investigation into the escort ring so she set her client list on fire in the bathroom. She tells Annie it’s a win-win, since she won’t be going to jail and Annie won’t get kicked out of CU. She also thinks that Dixon will just get community service. Austin comes back to his apartment and Annie tells him about Bree. She also tells him that she’s going to go to the police and admit she’s an escort so she can bring Bree down and set Dixon free. Later, Dixon comes back and Austin tells him that he started the fire by burning old love letters and he’s gonna turn himself in. He says that he’s got nothing to lose.

Annie starts working on a benefit with the foundation to save Castillo Bay. The benefit is going smoothly, until a woman asks if she can interview Annie. The interview turns into an ambush attack about the rumors of pollution and broken child labor laws that the foundation employs. Annie goes to drink it off at the bar at the foundation and talks with the bartender about the ambush and the fact the Hillingsbrook name wasn’t there. Annie goes over to Mr. Hillingsbrook’s boat the next morning and tells him that she’s starting her own charity. It turns out that the actual Mr. Hillingsbrook was the bartender.

Annie goes to see Preston and tells him he should reconsider partnering with her and tells him about her plan to make designer tote bags and give the proceeds to charity. Preston tells her she just has new money guilt and she tells him to talk to her if he changes his mind. Preston and Annie meet at a store and he tells her he’ll do her project. He tells her he doesn’t want her to be guilty with her money, so she has to first buy a huge purchase. She picks out an expensive purse and he tells her they’re in business. When Jen tells Annie her bag was $40,000, Annie flips and goes over to Preston’s to give it back. She tells him that she’s not comfortable with her inheritance and wants to build something meaningful with her life. Preston goes over to Annie’s later and tells her about a magazine he launched 6 years ago that flopped. He says that he’s been afraid to be involved in anything else since and doesn’t want to see Annie fail. Preston then asks to be partners with Annie. Annie is still trying to make her bags happen. In The Heart Will Go On Annie talks to PJ about picking charities to fund and PJ interrupts to tell Annie that she needs to get a life. PJ tells her he won’t sign a check for a charity until she meets a guy. Annie meets a guy named Caleb on the beach. Caleb tells her he wants to talk to her about her foundation over coffee. On their coffee date, Caleb tells Annie he does charity work because he lost someone close to him and he made a promise that anytime he could do something, he would. Annie mentions to PJ that he was the reason behind Jen and Naomi fighting. As I mentioned earlier, Annie finds out about Dixon’s heart condition. While Annie is in the hospital’s church praying, Caleb comes in and apparently he happens to be a priest. Annie tells Naomi about Caleb wanting to be a priest, and says he’ll take a vow of celibacy next year. She also tells Naomi that she wished Ivy would talk to her about Raj and suggests Ivy talk to Caleb. Before Raj’s wake, Naomi tells Annie to talk to Caleb and tell him about her feelings for him. During Raj’s wake, Annie says that Raj made everyone feel important. After the wake, Annie tries to tell Caleb about her feelings for him, but she doesn’t. Calebgoes to see Annie and asks for her help with his next fundraiser. Annie says she’s busy with all the wedding stuff. Annie asks Ivy why she invited Caleb over and Ivy tells her that life is short and she should hop on Caleb before he’s gone. Caleb shows up to the engagement party and Annie admits her feelings to him. Caleb reacts by leaving. Then he comes back, admits he hasn’t been honest to Annie, and kisses her in the rain.

Annie and Caleb are hanging out in public to avoid temptation. While Annie & Caleb are on their date, they run into a nun that Caleb knows. Caleb tells Annie he has to make a decision. Later Caleb goes to see Annie, the two then kiss and we next see them in bed(assuming Caleb and Annie had sex). Then, Austin comes by and asks Annie to talk to Adrianna for him and convince him he’s a good guy but she doesn’t want everyone to know she used to be a prostitute.She then heads to the staircase and sees Caleb. Annie goes looking for Caleb in a seminary. She talks to a priest who tells her that Caleb quit because he felt he wasn’t worth of the cloth. Annie later finds Caleb drinking at Liam’s bar. Annie tells him she knows he quit because of her. Caleb tells her he quit because he’s weak, and that they both made mistakes and need to deal with the consequences. That night at the police stations after Annie sees Austin she asks him why he keeps protecting her. He tells her he respects her, and sees that she did what she did out of love. Annie later finds Caleb at a church, and tells him he has to forgive himself. After Annie agrees to hold a rally for Diego, she talks with Caleb. Caleb tells her he wants to be with her and he doesn’t regret anything. Later, Caleb tells her everything with Diego was his fault because he didn’t pray for him. Seriously. Later, Annie finds Caleb in church. She tells him he can’t leave the priesthood. After they both say they love each other, Annie tells him that his faith is bigger than them.They then kiss each other goodbye, and say they have no regrets.

Season 5[]

In the premiere Annie calls Dixon and a worker from the morgue picks up. The group goes to the morgue to identify 3 bodies that were pulled out of the wreckage. Silver and Teddy look at the bodies and none of them are Dixon. The worker tells them they assumed Dixon was the driver and that he’s in the hospital in critical condition. The group goes to see Dixon. Later right before Adriana goes on stage, Annie calls Ade and tells her about Dixon. Ade books the next plane home. Ade gets tot the hospital and Annie tells her that the doctors are trying to stop some internal bleeding. Ade says she wishes she could take everything back to make him okay. Annie resorts to prayer, telling God she needs Dixon to live because he’s all she has left. Annie then leaves and sees her mom in the hallway. Debbie tells the group that Naomi’s sis, Jen, let her borrow her private jet to get there. The doctor then comes out and says that Dixon is stable, but the use of his legs and hands may be affected. Later, Debbie & Annie help Ade back to her apartment. A month later Annie’s taking care of Dixon and says she will for as long as he needs over at Dixon’s physical therapy, Annie runs into a guy named Riley, who’s an offensively arrogant civil war buff. Riley tells her to stop treating Dixon like he’s helpless. Back at the apartment, Dixon’s had enough of Annie and lashes out at her so Annie decides to move out. At the reception, Annie finds Dixon on the floor and says that she can’t not help him. Annie apologizes for making him feel helplessAnnie goes to pick up Dixon from his physical therapy and sees that his therapist, Riley, is kind of a harsh guy, and asks him to go a little easier on him. Then Annie surprises Dixon by taking him to a group therapy session. Annie tells Liam and Naomi she lost Dixon, and then she goes to Riley to ask him for help. Later, Riley tells Annie how he got in a wheelchair. crying

Annie meets a guy named Colin during lunch, but tells Naomi she probably won’t see him again. Since Colin’s a computer geek, Naomi decides to kill 2 birds with 1 stone by having him come over to fix Silver’s problem so Annie can flirt with him. When Colin asks her out, Annie says she’s already taken. She talks to Silver and says she thinks she’s damaged goods, which is why she’s already sabotaging her thing with Colin. Silver tells her to enjoy herself. Annie decides to go on the date with Colin, which ends with a kiss goodnight.

In Hate 2 Love While asking Riley about Ade’s relationship problems, Annie and Riley get closer. Annie shows up to the pop-up alone, since Colin is working, so she & Riley continue their flirting into the night. After Riley asks Annie if she wants to take off with him Colin comes back, so Riley reverts back to being a huge dick and leaves. Annie apologizes to Colin for Riley.In The Con? Riley admits to Annie he likes her.But Annie says when wants a chance with Colin. When Annie goes to the con, she thinks she sees Colin and goes to find him. She finds her perfectly good guy giving a presentation with Max’s software. Colin tells her that he works for a fledgling corporation and wanted revenge after Max stole Liam for a video game. After she talks with Silver, Riley shows up. Riley tells her that Dixon’s sick, and asks if she wants a ride home to see him. After a quick chat, Riley & Annie kiss.

Annie checks wherever she and Riley are going to make sure it’s handicappable. After Riley says she doesn’t have to do that. Then Annie waits outside the Bowl for Riley, but soon gets a text from Riley saying he forgot about it. Annie goes over to see him and finds him in a pool with a couple girls. Riley says he’s not sure he wants to date her and he doesn’t need her help. Annie admits that she’s not sure how they’re supposed to work and Riley tells her he wants her to treat him like any other guy. The two make up. 

At a West Beverly alumni event Annie sees her crazy cousin Emily. Also sees another person she used to know: Jasper. He tells Annie that he has something for Liam that his life could depend on. Later, After Liam goes to an open house and asks Annie to sign her name on the lease so no one will know where he is, Liam tells Annie everything about the Vanessa saga. Annie then tells Liam about Jasper and Liam starts to suspect that Jasper may know something. It turns out that the big thing that Liam’s life could depend on is Jasper’s screenplay. Later, Annie decides to blog about her life, beginning with her venture into prostitution. For Christmas After Annie tells the girls she’s not sure about her future with Riley, she announces that she has decided that she wants to be a writer. She’s contemplating going to Scotland for 2 years to work on a degree.Then tells Riley about Scotland. Riley gives her the gift back and leaves. After Liam compares her situation to when he left on the fishing boat, Liam tells Annie about his situation. Later, Annie admits that to Riley that she should have told him about Scotland sooner. Riley also mentions to her that he’s taking their relationship very seriously. The guys in her life are leaving and realizes Mark would only stay if he had a reason to so she plans to hook up Ade & Mark. Annie tells Naomi that this is Mark’s decision, and makes her promise to stay out of it. Annie accuses Naomi of lying to her. Naomi says that she just gave Mark some options.Then Naomi & Annie apologize to each other and say that they fight like they do because they’re like sisters. When girls go out Annie goes missing, the girls later find her in locked in the bathroom.Annie has a meeting with her publisher and still refuses to do press for her upcoming novel, Undressed. Jordan then comes in and says the book is a top priority for his company. He also mentions that Naomi is planning the launch party. Annie tries to get Naomi to drop the party planning by offering her a spa weekend, but Naomi is completely invested in finding out who Author X is and plans on having her come out at the launch party. When Silver comes in, Naomi has her read a part from the novel. Specifically, a scene where the lead, Annabelle, has sex with a guy in a helicopter. It takes Silver two seconds to realize that Annie wrote the novel. At the launch party, Annie tries to get Naomi to lay off with her hunt to find out who Author X is, but Naomi is not giving up. Annie admits that refusing to fess up to being Author X was making her hold on to the past.

Earlier, Liam was a celebrity guest at the launch and read a chapter from Undressed, specifically an Annabelle and Leo chapter. Liam immediately knew it was about him and refuses to talk to Annie. At the end of the episode, Patrick comes to Annie’s door and says they need to talk. It turns out Patrick is none too happy about their little tryst being in her book and doesn’t want his wife finding out about this at her next book club. Annie plans on revealing herself as Author X during an interview with Nancy O’Dell and Patrick is not here for her doing the interview either. The next day, Annie admits to Dixon that she paid for his rehab by escorting. Dixon is angry about this news and refuses to talk to Annie. Right before her interview, Dixon comes by to tell Annie that she should tell the truth and that he supports her. During the interview, Annie tells Nancy that the events in the book are true, and that she is the main character. Later, Annie sees Patrick in her hotel lobby and tells him that payback is a bitch. Well, Patrick decides to release his own payback. During her celebration dinner, the police come in and arrest Mark for cocaine possession. Mark done went and decided to play dirty by planting drugs and calling the TSA. During Mark’s hearing, Annie & Naomi try to stall while Jordan finds new evidence to help Mark. Meanwhile, , Annie must deal with Liam's growing anger stemming after the fallout of Liam being in her book is made public. Annie is about to leave to Paris for her European book tour. Meanwhile, Liam has still set sights on leaving for Sydney with Sydney. Annie still hasn’t bought the bar, and tells Liam she needs to talk to her accountant. After Liam tells Annie that he isn’t running away, but looking for a fresh start, Annie agrees to buy the bar ASAP. Later, Annie goes to the bar and Liam hands her a box of stuff (which he refers to as junk) which contains the engagement ring. Later, while Liam’s backstage during a Fall Out Boy performance, he tells Annie that he couldn’t find Old Salty and doesn’t have the signatures. Annie asks him if the only reason he’s not going to Australia is the signatures and Liam says yes. Annie responds by telling him, "Fine, have a nice life." Meanwhile, Annie tells Dixon that she’s going to stay in Paris and move out of Beverly Hills. While she is leaving the concert, all the props and the lighting begins to collapse onto the stage and she tries to get inside and help Dixon. When Liam shows up at the theater, he immediately starts looking for Annie. He and Annie later get engaged as the series reaches its conclusion. The others learn of the news on their phones from Naomi and they couldn't be anymore happier and thrilled for the newly engaged couple.


In her own dream land, Annie never moved to Beverly Hills. In fact, she decided to stay in Kansas and wakes up on the floor during a performance at the Wichita Playhouse. She’s awoken by her fiancé, Jason, Annie wakes up in her farmhouse and finds out she’s getting married in less than a week, which leads to her finding out about Dixon and going to Beverly Hills. She then got up out of her dreams and told her friends about the dream and that was the end of her dream land.


Ty Collins

After breaking up with her boyfriend from Kansas, Annie meets Ty when he was singing in one of the classrooms, Ty asks Annie on date and takes her to San Francisco which leaves Annie impressed, at the end of the episode they both share a kiss, Ty keeps on showing his interest in Annie, but she turn him down to go out with Ethan, but realizes that she made a huge mistake and asks him for a second chance, their relationship keeps growing as they share the same interest and spend a lot of time on the Spring Awakening play at the school.

After the premiere of the play Annie is ready to have sex with Ty because he got a room at the Roosevelt Hotel, when Annie goes to the room and finds Adrianna in a towel faking that Ty slept with her, believing that he has cheated on her with Adrianna, they break-up. Adrianna ends up coming clean to Ty but at the fashion show, they both agree it's better to stay friends. Their hands linger on each other and Ty gives Annie a look, but walks away.

Ethan Ward

Ethan and Annie met two summers before the show aired because they're grandmothers are friends, they meet as the show begins and instantly there is a connection, they fall in love and become a couple.


He asks for her services as an escort, however that eventually leads to Annie having feelings for him despite the considerable age gap. It then turns out he has an escort like her in every town and that she is only his LA girl. This causes Annie to terminate the relationship, however due to needing money for Dixon’s rehab, she continues to see Patrick who pays for her services. Eventually, Annie terminates the relationship for good after Patrick suggests her meeting up with another escort as well as Patrick. Liam also punches him so yay!


  • Her character was partly inspired by Brenda Walsh from the original series, though their personalities differ significantly. She appears on the series through its entirety.
  • She was shot trying to protect Liam.
  • Her best friend is Christina Lynn Green
  • Annie and Naomi share a half brother, Mark Holland


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