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Alexa is a minor character in Season 2 of 90210, portrayed by Mandy Musgrave.

Season 2[]

At The Beach Club Alexa walked in the room and saw Adrianna and Gia together. After Adrianna suggested that her girlfriend look jealous, she gave Gia a kiss making Alexa leave. Gia and Alexa met that day beacuase she wanted to return some stuff to her.

Adrianna visits Gia to apologized for not telling her about her decision. Gia said it was not a good time just before her Alexa came out of the bathroom while putting on her clothes. Gia said she knows she screwed up and apologized. Adrianna said she was sorry too, then left.


  • Mandy Musgrave is best known for her portrayal as Ashley Davis on South of Nowhere.
  • There were some rumors with fans that Alexa wanted to marry Gia before they broke up, but wasn't confirmed by the writers or series developer Rob Thomas.