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Alec Martin is a recurring character in Season 5 of 90210, portrayed by Trai Byers.


Alec is an Ivy League-educated “tech” guy, who is Max’s business partner. While charming and attractive, Alec has no time for Naomi.


After spending the beginning of his college career with his best friend/roommate/business partner, Max Miller, Alec becomes very jealous when Max announces his marriage to Naomi Clark. He vows to Naomi that he plans to try and ruin Naomi and Max's relationship, but when Naomi tells Max that his friend is out to get her, Max doesn't buy it. When Naomi takes Alec out for a day of fun so that they can try to be friends, Alec surprises Naomi with a kiss. Little does Naomi know, Alec took photos of their kiss to show Max and get him to want a divorce from Naomi. Once Naomi finds out that Alec has sent e-mails to Max's ex-fiance, Madison Stewart, suggesting she hire Naomi as the wedding planner, it is finally clear that Alec was trying to ruin Max and Madison's relationship as well.

Naomi, tired of Alec's interference in their marriage, asks Max to choose between the two of them. Max chooses to stay with Naomi and Alec leaves the company. Alec then secretly trains his ex-girlfriend, Bryce Woodbridge, to ace an interview with Max. Bryce is successful and Max hires her to find out that she is only there to get him ejected from his seat as CEO of his and (formerly) Alec's company. Later, Naomi and Alec have a huge fight about Max, leading her to realize that Alec is actually in love with Max. Alec asks Naomi to promise not to tell Max about his secret feelings, to which she agrees.