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Alana is a recurring character in Season 4 of 90210, portrayed by Sarah Hagan.


She is a member of the Zeta Rho Pi sorority at California University in which Naomi Clark joins after getting denied entry at the Kappa sorority by Holly Strickler. She is the most resistant to Naomi's presence, as she was the leader before Naomi came aboard, but gives into her sisters' wishes and lets Naomi take over. She has an awkward and nerdy personality.

She is upset after a party when she overhears Holly telling Naomi that she called her own sorority "a bunch of losers". She walks out with the sorority behind her. However, after realizing that they had a great night, they forgive Naomi and swear to get revenge on Holly. They did so with help from new sorority member Ivy Sullivan and the antics of Annie Wilson throwing a challenge.

Later, Alana confides that she likes a boy named Stanley, at which point a bored Naomi tries to set her up. However, Stanley is more into Naomi than he is Alana and the plan backfires. Alana gets upset and leaves, but ends up meeting a new guy named Paul. She thanks Naomi for her help and leaves to go meet with him.